jinjang where

It was a long , hot tropical night. No cross winds . No heavy traffic.

Just some light chatter. The usual grins and the easy laughters .

Ok lah... some playful giggles too.

Many broken promises later...

...we met Ah Beng in da shop

wth, where is this place. Rice ? Herbs ? The Aunty ?
We do not remember a thing except the dark legs .
How to, when its...

dark backstreet bakuteh
Jinjang ( the famous one near Ah Lian's House )
near Kepong , KL
near Sri Damansara, PJ


Sugar Bean said…
Can't remember a thing because the food was average? Or not worth it to remember? Haha! Photos look nice though. ^^
Ciki said…
ru calling that gal an ahlian ar.. so bad:P

anyway so dark and dim... how did u find the BKT place la? u must have infra-red radar eyes :P LOL
worldwindows said…
My BKT (one and only) in Sri Damansara is longer there after a change in owner at the coffeshop. Sigh...
Kenny Mah said…
Hmm does that lovely lass come with the BKT? :P
k.t.x said…
wow, with a key around her neck to to unlock the ahlian, it's not too bad a choice. but then again, i always hv faith in yr taste.
Selba said…
Who is ah lian? hehehe...
UnkaLeong said…
And where is this place? Is it by the entrance to FRIM?
it was a combination of too much too fast to quick, ya... 2 dark

cumi ciki
his kancil was zooming like flying and we couldn't see nothing while ahlian was err..just gazing

din you try to relocate him, we got GPS oredi !

indeed it does, thats why we were there

when ya ready. we zoom the place and her red

ahlian is an imaginary gorgeous Chinese gal who lives in Jinjang, and is still looking for everlasting love
lol !

no , it isn't but we also dunno where seriously , not after Fahrenheight de Filipina in Desa Hartamas ( one day we go )
choi yen said…
It's near my house, which park of Jinjang ?
we seriously dont know ! sorry !