high class backstreet

Once a long while we will be invited to some quiet upstairs with the ambience . A mix of rustic and modern decor like torn between the orientalmix themes of central Taipei & the Cambodian border ( ya , beside the Casino ).

Except this is downtown KL , in the maze-like Kuchai Lama where it has been said if you can get a parking lot between 1 to 2pm , you have struck a lucky draw no. & automatically qualified yourself for tomorrow's Grand Finale Big Draw.
While we waited for the recommendations from the X-bandleader Boss ( Joseph ) , the signature thickish tea with the heavy aroma came , appetised with the pickled veges and the nuts.

The food ( "cooling" chicken with longevity soup, a mountain dew steamed spotted grouper , Emperor pork ribs , imported super-green veges , Fuzhou spring rolls ) and a dessert of Donggung glutinous rice ( all for RM300 ) came in small portions and delicate cutleries, reminiscent of those up-market obscure Jap upper deck seateries near da backlanes in downtown Tokyo el d Ginza .

They had a nice demure Viet lady ( what a delight ! TQ ) to accompany & serve us for the entire duration of the private fast lunch for BSG 3 .
A very private place for connoisseurs ( & wannaBs ) with a nice personal service. Every now and then special seafood offers like those amazing Chinese crabs and the unbelievable geoDucks and...

...more will be on display so this is one more classy place in town to bring your friends and (loved) ones for Chinese Fine Dining in da Backlane.

verdict: classic Cantonese Cuisine , overall food quality 7 of 10
comfortable ambience , great service
premium pricing

CWZJ Cuisine
( Home of Tea Kings)
8, Jalan 11/116B
Kuchai Entrepreneur Park
Off Jln kuchai Lama
Kuala Lumpur
Tel 603-7981 8714
603-7982 4989


Kenny Mah said…
Ooh, did you guys manage to try those geoducks? ;)
Unknown said…
looks like a nice place to eat.

mountain dew steamed fish?
sc said…
sounds posh..definitely an up market chinese cuisine place ya?
Love their lard rice. Overall, the food's very refined.
HairyBerry said…
no wonder i din get update notices from the team. the website has been changed...ok, will update my links.

the blardy lardy fried rice is blardy lardy good stuff. it got lyrical lemongrass lyrical. i cant write lyrics, so i ate more...hehehehehe...
choi yen said…
I had my Chinese New Year Lou Sang here :)
tigerfish said…
Thickest black tea = strongest caffeine ?
Ciki said…
rm300?! too rich for my blood!
we avoid them like a failed snail

the dew was cool and warm so it was excellent

the price says it all
lol !

how come he never recommended this one ?

sorry for the blip. we have changed com to info due to a technical error. tks for the reinclusion !

that must have been very good ?

the place is good for tea it seems

cumi ciki
no no , we dun believe
lol !
Rebecca Saw said…
aiyoo.. no wonder i no get updates frm my fav backstreet crawlers!
aiyoo..hw many post did i miss???

oh, this is the plc AWOL n FBB was yakking abt the lard rice.. i see i see..
we miss the lard rice. No you din miss any post ! we have changed the .com to .info due to a technical hitch.

Tks for coming back like a raging storm !