hard & soft

Miles & miles of vast breezy sandy beaches , as far as the eyes can see , thats the beautiful coconut coastline of Pahang , Terengganu and Kelantan ( " the East Coast " , Penisular Malaysia).

Many friendly & simple people and damn good food !

Like this spectacular ! 1 ton Bone with Hole and 1/4 ton meat in hot soup

The absolutely sprightly ! Mak Chik with her
pot of awesome power

the scraped steak and white essence in soup
leaving the hard femur naked below

Monstrous gaping ( gasping ! ) hollow of the
finest "daging" ( beef ) Big Bone... minus marrow

entering the dark & extraordinary soft chamber is
an adventure of a lifetime !

do not miss !

GearBox ( manual )
da East Coast , somewhere
from RM10
the use of the yellow straw for changing gear
is highly recommended


NyonyaChef said…
OMG,...my favorite ! but need to go green for the next few days
Ciki said…
eat big bone grow up TALL with strong bones! right? i think BSG must have eaten big bone all their lives:P hehe
UnkaLeong said…
That looks like one mean bowl of Soup Kambing!
worldwindows said…
Wonderful stuff and rich pickings!
wmw said…
You ate up all the marrow only then you took the pic ah? It's yum yum!
Sugar Bean said…
As long as I've remembered, I only been to Terengganu once and that was ages ago! But remembered that the beach was really nice. Too bad I don't take beef, if not would try them out. :)
tigerfish said…
Looks like good stuff *slurp*
a little green inside the dark hole would be a great idea , yes ?

cumi ciki
we would love to show you da bsg inside , soon . R U ready ?

of course kambing is equally devastating ! but with more fragrance

not many tho would dare to peek inside the black hole

it wasn't easy at all to click the covered hole, all were rushing to slurp

you can try it too in Restoran Jaring, Sunway , PJ

its a scary slurp we tell ya ! and only a teaspoonful a Big Bone
HairyBerry said…
here on the little red dot, we have it red, really blood red. with just some bread to dip. good to know that there is another way of making them bone marrows so delicious! i see a straw and i'm hungry!!
Rebecca Saw said…
ohh..so gd with bread no?
k.t.x said…
after makan gearbox, masuk gear...lah. after second thoughts...which gear?
Babe_KL said…
mmm sedap!!!
the little red dot is doing really fine and to us , don't seem so little but red , mean , Big & Bad

bread is normally missing here

which gear to enter nex depends on whether its the front or da backBone or afterBone

the slurp yummy feels familiar but dangerous for some people