feeling blue

Colours can affect a person's well being & people's moods.

Blue for instance is associated with sadness or issit calm, like the serene absolutely gorgeous blue sea ( think Pulau Redang ) or how about blue skies ( & everything nice) ?

Except this mysterious beautiful small creepy flower , known variously as bunga telang, blue pea or even clitoria ( goodness !) ...is no blue porn at all we tell ya & might even be eerily creeping free in the backyard behind your friend's house !

Or in dry form in small quantities in the Kota Baru ( Kelantan) Market , where the women rule... and salad is Queen.

Here multi-award winner Kelantanese Cuisine rules supreme , with the inimitable nasi ulam ( salad rice ) leading the pack...& omg ! where this Blue Rice Wonder below originated from .

Today after a meal of this bunga telanged ( clitoria flowered ) bluesome buddies of salted egg , dry beef , coconut floss with something pungent, raw bean sprouts, more greenies and a hot , sweet & sour aftertaste , we are feeling good.

delightful nasi kerabu ( blue rice )... from a few Ringgit only
any backStreet , after 7am before 8 pm


Ciki said…
mmmmmmm, we just had this! love blue black rice :D
jencooks said…
Moved to new blog, no announcement?

The bunga telang does wonders to food, nonya bak chang with the tinge of blue or nonya kueh nicely coloured with original dye, so is your rice! nature's beauty !!
Rebecca Saw said…
Tht's the blus in my food tht i like!!
NyonyaChef said…
Nasi Kerabu Kelantan style !....long time no try...loved the budu
k.t.x said…
blue rice is really cool...but minus the raw beansprouts...still not up to that standard to chew on raw beansprouts. nor cabbage nor ladies fingers...lol.
cumi ciki
we too !

We have taken to announcing the change slowly, sorry ! Blue is great authentic Malay cuisine

blue is also used sometimes in Nyonya cuisine

shud be on your "next" list !

we know , something's golden is missing !