black hole 14 ( certain death )

To those not familiar with Section 14 Petaling Jaya, it is crowded & boring ...maybe, except for Digital Mall , PJ's computer hardware alternative to KL's Low Yat Plaza ( off Jln Bukit Bintang ).

Then it happened ( as the name suggests ). Thunderclaps & all !

Always renovating Jaya Supermarket , the snobbish place for designer frozen foods is now deadly frozen... from an accidental structural collapse end May 2009 which took 7 lives, and led to some 10 houses or so in front being declared unsafe.

Luckily for the gluttons , the popular underground ( dark & obscure ) wet market and adjoining ( black hole ) food court beside the Digital Mall is unfazed, with that noodle stall still upright.

see the broken frozen building ?
beside the ugly IT center

de still proudly standing Penang import
neatly managed by an old youngster in track shoes
& assisted by a young oldie

try to remember this most hardy
curry mee (plse click pix to feel it raw) , in

da Black Hole of Section 14


HairyBerry said…
warp me in anytime, lum-lum! the 14 is way out for me but for a rustic experience (complete with a classic signboard) liddat, i sure dun mind paying RM3.20 for toll. will definitely pay a visit when i'm in dat area...near where ar?
Ciki said…
so sad hor.. :( i love that old jaya building...
UnkaLeong said…
Top 3 curry mee in PJ!
Kenny Mah said…
I miss that building too... sad how everything old is quickly replaced by the new. That DigiMall seems more of an eyesore though it's brand new. :(
choi yen said…
Quite a small bowl with RM4 paid :(
this is near section 13 , or near section 12 haha
ok its near Paramount , PJ.

cumi ciki
we used to buy stuff here too and love the Pik Wah upstairs

its not bad, slight and pure

it has become like a rejected ex lover with the sullen looks

you are right , its a small bowl and not so santan strong but yes, decent
J2Kfm said…
OMG ... you guys changed URL, but I didnt know!

and there I was thinking, 4 weeks without updates?!!!
Rebecca Saw said…
LOL! see?? U guys muz announce it plz! so many of ur fans missing ya updates!
yes yes..unka was hard-selling this stall to me..and also atr one..cant rmbr whc one..also sell mee one in think..
Bangsar-bAbE said…
You never take me along?? I thought you said I was also your makan kaki? =( *sad liao*
Sugar Bean said…
I'm not too familiar with this area, only visit Digital Mall about 2 to 3 times, and I didn't notice the building next to it! Haha! Frozen building can look scary at times.

Sorry to ask for a favour, can you link Sugar Bean please?
worldwindows said…
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