backlane Food & Beverage Classics in da City

They started out as a fine dining bistro ( of sorts ) in the Beverley Hills of KL aka Damansara Heights precinct something. And then the word spread that they had perfected the fine art of distilling Penang assam laksa out of a closely guarded authentic ancient recipe from some backlane behind the Lorong Tikus ( Penang Island)...

...and then trying to merge it with Guinness Anchor's renown high beverage and

voila !

Decanter is now at Section 17 , Petaling Jaya

the carnivorous masterpiece of all time
tiger a stunning RM30 jug

superbly simple and familiar decor
just like her home...

followed by
the fit for an Agong's Malaysian fishy dish of all time
5 star assam laksa ( a house specialty )

not to be missed ( at least 4 da killa beer )

5, Jln 17/56
Petaling Jaya
03-7968 1300


NyonyaChef said…
Is it true they have the best assam laksa? Better than your SS2 one ?!
Selba said…
Wow... the assam laksa looks so wonderful!
Ciki said…
beer here is cheap and good and not watered down like brussels! we lk this plc.. :D
of course not !

it does look gorgeous with the overflowing fish flakes

ok we know now where to bring you
minchow said…
I am so glad I've got the correct link again! *deliriously going thru backposts*