the nyonyaChef

Among the few ( or many ) of us , one in particular, makes frequent flights ( ya, even to the ends of the World he got say) and also cooks sometimes when he is not hungry or when ,
as he says , got da mood .

Like the whats-that ? nasi ulam , which he never fail to explain to the interested few who ask that it is very precious , extremely healthy & a cure-all . Says it is an arduous dish requiring great skill , much time and many rare herbs which only some yoda-type characters near the farms (in Penang) can provide.

Armed with the tier-1 recipe which he extracted from Bayan Baru ( Penang) , fine tuned at lovely Waikiki Beach , Hawaii (see pix) and then tediously re-tuned to near perfection from the hefty Mak Chiks at the backlanes in sentimental Pantai Cinta Berahi , Kota Baru...those days...he is considered almost ready

Commercially the dish is nearly extinct and may be found in only a few exceptional Malay eateries , certain jungles or some ancient modern Nyonya Shops behind the main roads.

above pix :
the fabled East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
incomparable gastronomic haven & evergreen bsg hideaway

To finally get rid of your constant headaches , fluctuating temperatures, annoying hunger pangs at 4 am , general lethargy, loss of concentration , flabby muscle tone around the thighs , diminished feminine stimulus , lack of manly drive etc etc AND... know more about this "delicious" herbed elixir & gastronomic wonder you can check out this grass-edged Nyonya recipe from him HERE

Happy Cooking !

And stay trouble free & healthy 4ever !


J2Kfm said…
delicious stuff this one. a repertoire of East Coast delights eh?
can give some address not?!
i'll be there this wkend.
Ciki said…
waaaa... iminished sensory perceptions ?? is dat something like ESP? only thing by a LADY :P hehe
Rebecca Saw said…
ohhh..thks for providin the recipe! Sooo long haen't had this. Ya is near extinction
worldwindows said… not working?
Kenny Mah said…
Ooh, a recipe! Now if only I can persuade someone to try it out for me as the lucky food taster! Hehe.
we would highly recommend you to try only the roadside or warungs while you are here for the "authentic" stuff. The locals will be most happy to show you where is the best this or that of
1. nasi dagang ( K Tgannu, Cendering)/kerabu/ulam
2. laksum
3. nasi "special" ( whats that?)
4. gearbox
5. percik, lekor
plus lots of Thai /Malaysian fusion goodies( ladies inclusive )

cumi ciki
yeah , something like that to last 40 km within 2 1/3 hours

you are welcome

it was down for high traffic maintenance ( sorry !)

you are luckier than we thoz