in the eyes and mouths of foreigners

In a random survey conducted on 300 foreign tourists , the results of which appeared in the 11 May 2009 NST ("Spotlight"), a Culinary Arts lecturer arrived at these interesting findings of the most popular F&B choices among tourists to Malaysia ( as ranked in descending order ) :

1. Chinese noodles

2. chicken rice

3. satay

4. curry rendang

5. nasi lemak

6. roti canai

Our 27 year young lecturer is sad and shocked & laments that our most famous Proudly Malaysian nasi lemak and roti canai are so lowly ranked & almost unknown entities but...wait...

horror of horrors !

that Devilish bourgeosise goody oldy beer is the 2nd most famous beverage in the country , after fruit juices ! ( it was not mentioned whether that included toddy , da Mother of all Malaysian fruit juices , that fragrant or smelly fermented milky sap as derived from young coconut flowers )

a fantastic revelation doubt...but one which didn't faze us one bit ( 2 tell ya da truth...)

Looks like its time bsg does its own ultimato survey ! that could truly be even more shocking...

Good morning &
Cheers ! Malaysia !

all pixs taken from the net ( without permission )


J2Kfm said…
BEER in Msia?!!! cmon .. and FRUIT JUICES? this is crime.

teh tarik should deserve a mention, or white ocffee. or toddy for that matter. sirap bandung?
Selba said…
The curry rendang looks quite different than ours here in Indonesia.

Huh? Did I see the word "beer"? in Malaysia? I thought it supposed barley? soya bean milk? cincau? cendol? Hahaha....
minchow said…
Oh the top local food lists have been been looking a bit staid for some time, so time to shove over and give the other equally lovely delicacies some time in the spotlight! Bring the change on my friends! And yes, I can attest to Beer, being in the top two, second only to good old H2O! Ha!
Ciki said…
where is charsiew/siewyoke, Hokkien Mee (ok la, i guess chinese noodles.. but there are soooo many types!) rojak? chendol? teh tarik!
HairyBerry said…
we love our neighbours but we dont want no food that are associated with the heavily promoted food of them. we must have our Nasi Lemak Talk and Hokkien Mee Republic! And Roti Canai Box!
k.t.x said…
well, at least there seems to be a different interpretation of collected datas with the inclusion of chickrice and "chinese" noodles(altho i hv no idea how chinese is chinese). emmm, talking abt beer, it seems like it's THE only beverage which can be paired to the present sucked up weather for a heavenly feel.....
these were choices of some foreigners who obviously were not so convinced by the tourism brochures ( if any ) LOL !
time for you to take over! ( btw they have appointed an old X-Ferrari man to be Malaysia's tourism {European} ambassador , goodness gracious !)

we have noted Indon preparations are different and yes foreigners have their own ideas and thats why Malaysia is ranked lowly in Asean Tourism

its always good to reopen our Malaysian eyes now and then. We have always said that Klang Chinese Cuisine is officially mis-rated thru factors of race , religion and politics

cumi ciki
that enlightenment will now depend heavily on our Band of Kuala Lumpur/Ipoh/Penang Food Bloggers , especially those hyperactive pretty ones...

aye aye sir , here we come

beer , proudly Chinese Indian Malaysia , and why not , a 320ml bottle small costs RM7 ! Burgers are King of the Malay kampung backstreets , as they are as American as they come , and KFC is the no 1 chicken for the Malays too is coke
Rebecca Saw said…
whoa..who's been takin these tourists out to eat? our tour guides??
ck lam said…
Unbelievable...something has to be done fast to change the survey results.
worldwindows said…
Most foreigners know Penang rather than Malaysia. I am surprise for the noodles. Nasi lemak is Malaysia's Malaysian favourite.
We are aware that for inbound Package Tours , food is normally catered for in the comfortable commercial (convenience) restaurants and food easily & commercially available is first choice

that was the extreme failure of the Tourism Board , with a history of personal self interests ( of staff) and corruption at all levels

probably nasi lemak looks cheap and maybe a bit pungent for the well travelled commercial foreign taste. Then again for tourism , food may be secondary to landmarks or entertainment facilities eg Genting/Sunway Lagoon with their magnificent Theme Parks serves generally horrendous convenience food
gill gill said…
its very depends on which country of tourist were they from.

Western (US,Australia,europe), asia, middle east. They have different approach and eating habit.

Well i'm pretty sure Asian would be the most adventures eater in the list.
When you talking about HALAL, so sorry that those arabs doesnt trust the local "HALAL" mark, and would just take McD and KFC or big franchise store only!
Westerner would prefer clean. So, hawker ain't an ideal choice, but those beg packers are rock! they can eat everything :)

its actually chicken and egg, malaysia tourism not as open minded as others. Thai was brilliant, they has successfully build their thai food culture to the world! don't u think so?