style , ambience ? tell me...

black coffee with the white heArt

& pretty instant noodles with the exotic Thai name

what you see is what you pay
( that would be RM20, Sir... tq)

the Centrepoint
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya


Selba said…
Oh.. what a cute white heart on the coffee...

The instant noodles look so little?

Errrr... RM 20? Just for the coffee and the instant noodle? Alamaaaakkk.....!!!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Completely overpriced...with a not so nice artwork on the coffee! =P
Hazza said…
rm20?? Malaysian prices is quickly catching up with the west!
choi yen said…
Is that Phad Thai? Serving quite small huh?
Rebecca Saw said…
ohh. which outlet u went to?
sc said…
thai fast food..mediocre food though..
Michelle said…
they were quite good when they started off here.. a total different set of menu.. more "americanized" if not mistaken... that was like.. hmmm few years back..

then when i went back again 2 months ago.. suddenly all thai food..
hmmm not that impressing.. *shrugs*
alamakyala !

sometimes we lose

there are some interesting reports to show that on ppp (purchasing power parity) many Malaysian foodstuff are not cheap at all , unlike the off repeated gomen slogen that Malaysia is cheap cheap cheap !

the menu looks high class and heavy and thick , but we din remember the name , taste a scale below the RM2 SS2 mamak indomie

the one in Centrepoint Bandar Utama

they got nice name but cannot escape the taste and the price

consistency is about the 2nd most difficult element of running a food outlet we tbink, right !
k.t.x said…
i hv not been to this outlet in KL. but i use to be indifferent with the thai ones too. but then again, i m biase to anything thai....sorry
ling239 said…
i remember they serve very good tom yam with lots of prawns.....wonder if it is still as good ~
Unknown said…
this is a famous thai chain!

i remember it was at the old dirty bangkok airport.

used to have one in Singapore, but they moved, i wondered if they moved out of singapore or moved to another place ;-)