nuts ! we lose

Menglembu , the little town just outside Ipoh , looks quaint & slow , as you would expect. But the few thousand feet high Kledang Hills stretching behind are quite picturesque and is a popular hiking trail for the active and also the old.

In fact some of you may have thought there are wild running cows ( lembu) but instead what greets you strikingly at the roundabout at the entrance as you come from Ipoh Town are some giant GroundNuts. One is even oddly standing upright , pointing to Heaven or as if to tell you something.

Maybe the Ipoh Storm of 7th May 2009 ?

True , it is world famous for the groundnuts bearing its namesake
Now you know !

We were looking for the small van , with the burnt meat.

Its easy to find , near the backStreet ( where else) evening market.
We were taken aback at first impression ,
as the skinny vendor & companion din inspire confidence tho,
knowing the Xxx!treme reputation of da charred meat.

Lo & behold !
face to face at last with the RM10 meat of meats !

verdict: fail

maybe tomorrow 7th May would be better ?


Why a failed verdict for that nice thick cuts of swine fat cuts. Nice quaint town Menglembu is, so that's where lembu comes into play.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
How come fail?? What was missing?? Skin not crispy izit?
Sugar Bean said…
O.o The pork looks delicious, curious, why did it fail? Menglembu.. Hehe, haven't heard of this place before, cute name.
minchow said…
Should've stuck to the nuts, BSG! Or just the anticipation of today's nail-biting showdown. Even an optimist like me cannot see how the lawfully (wrongfully!) removed can possibly be reinstated. We wait!
Selba said…
That's a really big nuts!!! Hehehe...

Looking at the pork make me drooling!
worldwindows said…
Fail? At least a pass for looks and price.
allie said…
Fail? how could that be? The meat looks so tender and juicy.. too much fats?
Ciki said…
nutz.. where's my siew yoke? you didn't tapau for me ah? :P
J2Kfm said…
hmm all the action 1km away. so near, yet so far ....

i'm not taking my chances of gettin shot within 500m from the vicinity!
NyonyaChef said…
Where's my nuts ?
k.t.x said…
v will really never know how to determine whether they got nuts when it was carried out via the backdoor, switching off the current to block off messages and announcements and hving a battalion of police to guard their nuts when the police should be's a sad sojourn to malaysia. perhaps a nicely chopped crispy plate of roast pork can do the trick....
Tummythoz said…
No, it did not get better today. =,(
Rebecca Saw said…
hhmm.. the meat looks too "white", givin me the feelin that it's tasteless?
sometimes looks are pretty deceiving right ? Something we always say about the cheap fried rice become expensive nasi briyani

bone fragments ( a total putoff !)and inconsistent seasoning with some parts tasty others dry and so on

see above comments. Menglembu is famous for the groundnuts

we are trying to volunteer ourselves to become the new guards of the soon to be formed Malaysian Republic replacing racist Malaysia

we still think KL makes the best siew yoke

No, the wayword seasoning is inexcusable

how about if you sink your lovely teeth in and hits the stony bone fragments !omg !

coming coming , Dear

we were shot, but we survived

on da way, as always

thats what happens when we spend all our time eating pork meat and forget about our dear old country !

so are you gonna become a new fighting Malaysian ?

not only that, also inconsistent taste from strip to strip
HairyBerry said…
we miss the time when we were of happy towns, where the cows run free and the nuts were huge. we miss the time when people were wise and not colourblind. we miss the time when there's hope and not a nightmare that came with teh tarik violence. and i am already missing the rm-10-oh-so-much-but-i-can-still-finish siew yoke that i've never met.
Unknown said…
maybe in menglembu you are suppose to eat lembu and kacang

not khinzir. lol...
old is, indeed gold

haiya , evereytime good things so hard to come by one