noodles & rice

Some of the best hawker fares are found in the most unlikely places in the most unheard of neighborhoods (at least to outsiders).

While everybody knows SS 2 , Kelana Jaya , Section 17 and so on , who knows where on earth is SS 3 ? Do you ?

After today you must try to come here ! Off the LDP Highway and opposite side of Western Digital's corporate office

Come here for the noodles . Look for this stall . The father , mother and son combination .They have hopped from PJ State to double hops in Sea Park PJ and are now safely anchored here.

We believe they have been selling exactly the same noodles for more than 30 years . So are they really so good ( or what ?)

You can start off with a glass of white Carlsberg RM1.30 tho while you wait patiently.

aha ! here it comes...the more than 30 years culinary expertise !
delicious noodles in soup with pork pieces RM4

Do not worry if you are a rice connoisseur , ask for the soft version RM4.50 !

Piping hot porridge with the absolutely raw golden egg , for the extra burst should you need the power later on in the day ( or night ) !

So easy to find ( behind the Shell petrol station )
so worth it

SS 3/31 , Petaling Jaya


Me! Me! I do happen to know where SS3 is and where this restaurant is.... but then, I did use to live at SS2 and Damansara, haha. ;)
k.t.x said…
hv not been to this 1, but m certainly a regular to a few outlets in ss3. good stuff which i always crave altho i really hv not been that full of enthusiasm since back..hehe.
Sugar Bean said…
I have no idea where is SS3 but fortunately my bf do. Would check this place out when we're back in KL. The prices are reasonable. :)
Ciki said…
i know ss3! last time use to be good for western and daichow! .. lol

(eh, btw, ur RSS feed is not working again la.. u didnt inform change web add kah. no wonder i didnt get ur updates la..)
Michelle said…
raw egg in porridge??? i never tried tat b4. taste good or slightly ermm raw smell? hehe i'm not quite a half boil egg person.. so i'm a lil afraid for stuff like this.. hehe
foodbin said…
in the evening it is a grilled fish and curry fishhead stall.
Rebecca Saw said…
i'll gladly pay RM4 for tht bowl tho i'm not afan of pork noodles..this one might jz convert me!
lucky you !

this place we used to meet over some drinks

yeah , its decent and not expensive

cumi ciki
sorry about the disappearance of late on the screen. Glad to see you back !

time to pop in some eggy stuff for the power

is thzt so ? we will check it out soon ! Tks

RM4 is cheap if you are comparing with the kopitiams which sometimes are tasteless with ambience !