gosh ! one more Penang food post ?

yeah , why not ?

Its current, its now...and it ain't cheap no more.

So is it still good ?

The additional lane for the Bridge is almost ready. The bluish hilly backdrop still ...gorgeous .

The place near and around the Gurney Drive ... is still errr....clean... I mean , err we mean ...acceptable

The orange pasembur with 1 pre-fried flower crab + some prawn fritters and some cucumbers RM12. The next esplanade ( halal one ) after Gurney Drive .

Verdict : do not break your teeth again , plse...
This Kassim Nasi Kandar place in front of the Gama shopping centre near the beginning of Jln Macalister and below that Tower ( can see ornot ?) is still crowded, even at off peak hours of 4pm ! Price for the rice and colors , as high as the Tower if you must ask

Aha this one at the Lorong Baru ( just outside Sunway Hotel, Jln Macalister )
is 4ever bladi excellent RM2.50 ( own Boss do one ma )
Our favorite eating station Penang Island. Gurney Drive - we just love bringing people here to admire the highrise , da mega foodstalls ( n da ratatouille...sometimes lah )

hokkian mee ( prawn mee ) RM2.50
assam laksa RM3.00

actually its still damn good

penang island
pulau pinang
georgetown ( how come ah ? )
X Pearl of the Orient


ck lam said…
That plate of pasembur with flower crabs look yummy...time for a visit lol
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Is that the pasembur where the guy will dance while cutting the rojak up for you? =P
Selba said…
I think I should book a flight ticket to Penang.... maybe just a one way! Hehehehe...
minchow said…
Made your way to the island over Labour weekend did you?? I missed it, but heading back this weekend! MUST. HAVE. CURRY. MEE! Giddyup!
NyonyaChef said…
You hit the jackpot,..Kassim Nasi Kandar. Rated 1 of the Top 3 Best Nasi Kandar in Pg.

I used to walk 2km every weekend just to eat there.
k.t.x said…
i hv no problem with this post...not that i hv any in all others...lol. altho i must say i was told that the nasikandars align with the powers that be...lol. but then again, i care not for, i m only align with the capitalist who r leftists...lol.
worldwindows said…
Still very good once the car is parked!!
ling239 said…
the curry mee look super delicious!!
u still in PG ? bring back some almond cookies ya ~ ^_^
we were thinking of the Big Fat prawns nex round ! definitely easier than the shell shocked crabs !

No this one is near da sea , no dancing man nor crabs

right , then you can be team bsg no 8 ...

some of us are scared stiff of the blady cubes ! but still manage to pop them in in 1/2 secs

thats fantastic , nex time we sapu the mee goreng too. we heard the Line Clear nearby is cheaper and just as great !

with your cutting edge presence , all will be properly aligned to culinary perfextion to the nearest degree...that we are sure !

we insist that cars shud not be used in da backlanes

We would much prefer to tapau you there not the other way around
Michelle said…
everytime get good cheap food..
*grunts* unfair to ur great ol' hunting skills.. share la sikit?!!?! hehehehhe
tigerfish said…
:O Did I see swine blood cubes? ;p
Rebecca Saw said…
oooo.. one cant really go wrong in Pg! bad also wil taste better than average in KL!
we intend to be in Klang soon so better stby ok

indeed it is !

Which is exactly true...
HairyBerry said…
this pearl of the orient shines ever so brightly now with everything under the right guide of sun. we love the food there too! this is one truely malaysia, if a tourist asks me. ;D
jason said…
The third lane's almost ready? That's pretty fast.
still far ahead at no 1

its fast ! Maybe new Pakatan Gomen
Ciki said…
still damn good and still damn cheap:)
The food is still the one to beat
Unknown said…
have not been to penang to makan for a long time!

curry mee looks good!
its time bruder !
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