Home or House ?

Every town has its hidden gastronomic gems , some right from home ( or house) !

Do you mean home cooked ?
or issit no place like home ?
... " home is where the heart is " ?
House of Noodles ?
...coming home babe...
...the House of untold Pleasures ?

...ok, we show you 2 authentic homelys then

1. but first ...lets welcome Home
aka " Journey into Indian Cuisine "

now that you are pleasantly settled
do have a bite of fried fish fillet on the leaf
then dip into the softly boiled vegetables & papadamy crackers
and enjoy the House Specialty Curry Mutton

finish with a fried crispy drumstick
an all-time meat classic !
fingers licking soooo good !

banana leaf rice

where a standard serve of :
rice with 3 vegetables , 2 papadam ( crackers )
with complimentary top ups
and choice of
3 curry gravies ( chicken , fish and dhal ) on rice
is @RM4 a person

side main orders
meats & seafood from RM2.50 an item

Home Curry House
behind Iklan Citi , near Econsave Supermarket
Sitiawan-Lumut Road

.....................................................next please..........................................................

2. I want mee
in the House
also her home

simple and fast , no frills , no fuss
kali mee , laksa , mee sup aka Malaysian noodles
RM2.50 each
today mum not at home
so got plans ah ?

the little House

beside Lido Hall
Sitiawan town center
near the main traffic lights (kfc)

dun forgit , next time you are here ok


k.t.x said…
where is home when u felt that u wanted to belong here, it's pretty much there and vice versa, which incidentally happens to both indians and chinese....

but to really goto sitiawan for these.....u cover me the gas...lah.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Next round I'm going with you!!! I dunno why...but I don't like the laksa. The broth not kau enough for me! =P
Hazza said…
I am rally craving for banana leaf rice now! Only 2 months to go!
boo_licious said…
oooh, thxs for the tip! Another gem in Sitiawan.
ok ok ! be quick !

that would be a dream come true

blr in Malaysia is quite consistent , from JB to Kulim so you are safe !

but Pangkor shud be more exciting...
you can have crab-squid BBQ at 3 am...and do wild boar watching at 4 am then hornbill feeding at 7 am !
choi yen said…
The asam laksa soup is too diluted :(
HairyBerry said…
the house is not a home when there's no comforting of sorts. and good home-y food makes the house a home. great finds as usual, team. though sitiawan is wayyy across the causeway, it is still very much part of home. when will i visit? soon, i hope.
Omigosh, I love that pic of the girl licking her fingers! Bravo, bro, for catching that candid shot! :D

Now if only we get a taste of that every time we visit a banana leaf/Indian restaurant, eh? ;)
you r so sharp, indeed it is quite dilute and rated only 4 of 10

home is where the banana is...

we have more of what we din show you,yet...
Ciki said…
waaa. dat chick looks like she really knows how to lick .. erm, fingers man.. ROFL
Rebecca Saw said…
banana leaf..lick them fingers clean honey, none to waste! ;)
cumi ciki
LOL ! we love licks

we have confirmed that Indian cuisine is very consistent throughout the country, using similar spices and methods. Even those rave banana leaf rice like Raju, PJ is actually quite ordinary , except maybe becoz they are fresh & nicely located in populated areas ! With much more choices which easily beats a normal Indian shop.