cheap & good , at last

A good fall-out from the current never-ending UMNO/PR prime time Extravagan-Saga in Perak ( as of 22 May 2009 ) is when last time cannot afford fancy heavenly Restaurants now come down to earth.

How not when money is drying up in the state faster than you can say "what" ?

So finally... we can step into the Imperial Gates of the opulent Emperors ! warm night here in the Streets of Teluk Intan , the little town famous for the leaning tower , the heong piang ( sesame biscuits) and the meat filled chee cheong fun.

Where the raging Battle of the Offers for you & me begins.

offer 1 ( 5 persons )

inclusive 5 plates of rice & 2 jugs of Chinese tea

offer 2 ( 3 persons )



A high class air cond big Chinese Restaurant
sitting capacity for more than 100 tables

verdict : excellent value for money

Sechuan Seafood Restoran
1931, Jln Maharajaleela
Teluk Intan, Perak

tel ; 05-623 2478


tigerfish said…
for the price can get fish, prawns, meat....worth it leh...
k.t.x said…
these standard orders r always a safe and great tummy filling choice. never wrong! hv not been to teluk intan for a really long time, since it was renamed from
worth it , except you are oh so far away !

maybe when you are ready to come the river may have already swalloed them ! LOL !
Ciki said…
100 tables? dats a massive restaurant!
Rebecca Saw said…
ipoh food..unpretentious, non commercialized. really old town. luv it! sigh..i'm such an oldie!
cumi ciki
its the biggest !

old is gold , as always !