a brush of viet in da Mall

familiarly unfamiliar

the same floor where GSC cineplex is
on top of little Vietnam

viet jasmine tea ( chinese tea with a little fragrance ) RM4
feels so hygienic

ham meat roll ( with raw bean sprouts , a characteristic of viet cuisine ) RM8

fried beef rice ( japanese look / taste alike ) RM12.90

vermicelli beef ( with fresh vegetables and some fried balls ) RM40

...if you really must have some quiet upstairs

Level 3
Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur


Michelle said…
wooots.. i've been here b4..
well to me.. food so-so only.. nothing much to shout about..
minchow said…
We go to the outlet downstairs when we want a quick bite for lunch - not a whole lotta Viet, more local than anything really, but substantial and $$ friendly enough!
worldwindows said…
Means 'ancient capital'. Celadon lookalikes and bamboo tribal dish trays! I have given up eating Viet food in Malaysia as it is not that authentic.
Unknown said…
when you said 'so hygienic' to the tea i just had to laugh....
Ciki said…
not bad place to eat a fast one b4 a movie.. we like the beef rolls too!
Selba said…
Nice presentation of food... :)
k.t.x said…
not as reasonable as i hv thought. well perhaps, only for the rich and famous and those who rub shoulders with the class and glam....
J2Kfm said…
wah. RM40 for beef n balls ah?
i'll take MCD (Also a hop and skip away) before my movie, thank you.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Too expensive! I'd rather go for McD or Carls Junior...

Heck, I'd rather pay that amount for Kiku Zakura!
foodbin said…
makes me hungry for Viet food, again.
right ! the food is just like any you can get on the roadside but here expensive decor/ceramics are used and of course there is some art and craft , and very quiet place for us to snuggle up
haha !

the downstairs one look more cheerful and friendly while upstairs they leave you alone ( some will say lazy/slow waiters)

while it may be an ancient capital we see no old ancient things nor ancient food and the lack of ancient hospitality, quite glaring


upstairs is where we shall be , ok ? Got lots of warm meat(s)... your fav

they are quite simple and decently displayed and looks so fresh and

certainly this cool place will be uncool for you unless she, her and darlin are here

if we diy with plastic table , plastic plates and plastic cups , that RM40 thing will then become like RM4 , a new lingua fraca of "its the contents" babe

so right, but yeah you need to show us that KZ ...

seriously we only like the beef soup beehoon and the real missing viet women
Jason said…
Been here, although pricey, I like the food. :)