all you can eat

from A to Z ( minus 1 )

The evergreen Nasi Campur
ready-mixed wonder
instant gratification

No doubt it was heavily influenced by spices introduced by the early Indian traders & to a certain extent Malaysia's northern neighbour the Thais . Yet it retains its signature fresh fragrance and unique tastes both subtle and fiery depending on whats on the table , and where in Malaysia exactly the MakCik came from .
You can find them everywhere the backlanes , along main roads ,
beside the skyscrapers, in stalls , shops , shopping complexes and
from Nissan vans and yes...
under broken makeshift tents / leaking canopies.

the most popular curry dish in Malaysia
chicken curry

meato d numero uno of the Malays ( "daging" or beef )

The daily pre-cooked feast is unpretentious...super convenient , fast and filling
chickens or beef burnt...fried or whatever, sweetly wet or biting hot
definitely delicious ( or your RM back )
take-away or eat in
big fish fillets , small fish whole , squids and others
sweet , sour or hot

flavor individually to your hearts delight with the multi choices of hot or
sour chili sauces , pungent sambals etc
special green and yellow and red vegetables to complement the kingsly white or red meats
choose from a fantastic choice of many ... from 15 to 60 or
more delights even VVIPs will die for
( or miss their last State Assembly Meetings )

everywhere in Malaysia
from padi field kampungs to tier 1 Cities beside the Central Parks

from only RM3
a plate of rice with 1 fish, 1 meat and 1 vegetables


k.t.x said…
i hv no doubt what u wrote is genuine and still trust that we share a real common affinity for some real genuine cuisine and beverages. since my return, i hv sampled more kampung malay fares then true blue chinese econ
ck lam said…
Give me some of the dishes and I be on my way cleaning up my plate of rice in no time...
I am hungry now just looking at the dishes...haha
Michelle said…
i find "kurma chicken" irresistible.. yummylicious..
i love curry "chap fan".. all the nasi dagangs, padangs.. angggs.. hehehe..
sc said…
i eat this nearly everyday, coz my office is located in a very malay area.. still not sick of it though :p
even before we could have the pleasure of rubbing on your deep esteemed cross-border internationally seasoned palate & genuine gourmet perceptions you have to fly off again in haste to vietnam !

true blue foodster !

hey hey hey , watch that well kept slim figure ok !

lucky you !
tigerfish said…
all u can eat...curry....can be too potent for the digestive system....:O
*excuse me while I visit the's the...3rd time* ...LOL!
Ciki said…
back lanes for the backstreetGs la hor?

love the daging shots. need some daging now.
Rebecca Saw said…
chap fan!! chinese malay indian whatever!! a muz have!
and the best are the backlanes and pasar malams and pasar jumaat and pasar whereever else!
man i luv them mak ciks!
take it easy

cumi ciki
for power , here we run too !

the only menu for 95% of the population, definitely !