5 long years she waited

"Do not ever leave me again, without saying goodbye ..."
she wailed with untold happiness

"Everyday I waited for your return . Do you know how I feel or not ? How could you ! "

Yes indeed...

We are truly , absolutely , madly sorry !

Ok ! Bring out our favorites

a BSG highly recommended

yam pork RM24
slippery vege RM8
tomyam fish RM 35

a west Klang signature backstreet gourmet institution
best tomyam fish head ( Klang Valley )

We are back !

restoran rong shu xia
Jln Sungei Jati
Taman Sentosa
Off Kesas Highway
Tel : 016-332 6571
03-5161 4413
012-933 3312


Oooh, FIVE years is a long time to wait for tomyam fishhead... must be very, very good then. :)
Michelle said…
ahhh tomyam fishhh.. eeexoticc~~
as long as the fish is fresh.. steamed it.. hentam it with any hot spicy sour burning sauce/paste..
it'll taste like hellaaven~~ hehehe
i miss asam fish noww lehh~ Sobs.
they are good !

we r gonna pick you up nextime we are in Berkeley !
Rebecca Saw said…
we were at hing ket yest! and i did pass this on our way..yam pork..yum yum yums..
try this the nex time !