teach him to cook fish in 8 secs

Its true !

Cooking is easy but you have to learn it at the right place .

first ask him to bring it on
cut and placed on the orange plastic plate
together with the sliced ginger and onion leaves
check that the few drops of magic oil have been sprayed

Then... dump the raw fish fillet with the others into the piping hot porridge
& ...after 8 patient seconds of swift waiting
you may now eat

supply and delivery of raw fish ++ and super-hot boiling rice
a cool RM5.50

after that you can read the morning papers
for the latest on the 3 by elections

never burn your lips , good luck !

Hon Kee
Petaling Street , Kuala Lumpur ( again )
start from 6.30 am daily


Bangsar-bAbE said…
You ate this at 6.30am?? o_0
Fresh, hot, healthy! Ah, but I'm waiting for your more greasy recommendations, bro... ;)
Ciki said…
haha.. even i can cook this!!!!
minchow said…
Hot hot hot! Can feel this burning the roof of my mouth just looking at it! For I have little patience with waiting for the right temperature to dig in. Hey great meeting you folks the other night! Sorry again for vamoosing early!
teckiee said…
I miss this place. Used to come here after clubbing.. have breakfast then go home to sleep! hahahah.. love their pork minced ball with the porridge too!
Rebecca Saw said…
ahhh..so miss simple stuffs like this! Rm5.50 is not too bad...
J2Kfm said…
aiyo, I tot at night pulak. hahah ...

yeah, if only the place has more seats, rather than 'ushered' away when the sneakers stall opens in the morning.
How you know ah ? omg ! :D

hold it , you have gotta get your curving hippy moves correct all da time, cannot take a greedy risk like those !

we just wanna you drink

this are the basic building blocks that cannot go wrong ! 5.50 is reasonable , with the technology !
next time will be hotter :D

you still do this hot stuff onot ? Ok then we do also coming soon
its in the mornings only when nearly all of you are stoned and need blistering heat to wake up !
Precious Pea said…
Nice!!! Healthy breakfast to start the day! Shun bin, dar bau sei ngan jai siu ngap too!!
ya so many things , almost as good ( but not good enough)as Macau !
choi yen said…
open at night too?
its a morning and lunch time thing only