Seri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

One fine night after visiting some people in the Commonwealth Village Park ( Bukit Jalil , off KL - Seremban Highway ), we dropped by this house for a hot steam .

We used to come to this Chinaman enclave often last time before the Blogging Craze started to binge here after our usual Bukit Jalil do chasing 2 x 9 holes.

Many new eateries have since moved in which are quite alien to us, except this one with the familiar name of that Island with the Crab ( & the unforgettable China GROs , remember ? ) !

Heck , the food was bad and not cheap.
A let down really so we shall not give you any directions
( we never do that normally anyway ! maintain the fun of the food hunt !

but we have stolen a glimpse of many other interesting
restaurants nearby, and soon

We'll be back...
coming...dear ?


NyonyaChef said…
Chinese GRO's,..? More like Indo lah !
Leonard Loh said…
Give me a shout the next time you come to Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling eh... I'm in Vista Komanwel :D
Food looks simple but bad? How good can it be?
Big Boys Oven said…
I just love Sri Petaling, loads to be discovered, area with loads of good food! :)
Selba said…
Sounds that lately floogers are encountering bad food....

What's about the unforgettable China GRO's? and.... more like Indo? *blur*
soon we shall explore and hit !

sure & thanks !

it was simply bad...

Big Boys
we saw plenty of crowded eating shops !

at one time ( early 2000s ) many Chinese and Indon ladies worked as entertainers of the night and Pulau Ketam (an island near Klang), as were many more smaller towns across Malaysia was notorious for loose women and lost men. And so the exciting story began...we'll give you full details when we see you soon !
J2Kfm said…
go to Klang, and you'll see outlets proudly proclaiming PULAU KETAM STEAMBOAT everywhere.

never liked steamboat anyway, unless those buffet ones. hehe ...
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I heard the steamboat place in Damansara Jaya is good. Jom we go makan! =D
Sugar Bean said…
Eh, I'm a bit confused. I've been to the restaurant in Seri Petaling call Ho Ho Steamboat. Is this restaurant somewhere near to Ho Ho?
minchow said…
Yes Seri Petaling remains quite foreign to me, although I've been told its residence to many decent eats! I think I'll just safely tick steamboat off as a dislike... I've struggled with this hate-like-hate relationship for far too long!
Ciki said…
steam boat is the last thing on earth i look to eat :P haha (just FYI.. if u invite me, pls kindly invite me for RED MEAT or PIG) TQ! :P
We only like Pulau Ketam for its rough & smelly ambience & the GROs, food is nowhere near Klang

You must talking about D'sara Village, D'sara Ara , the Patrick Teoh "staged" show ? Yes we shall try to make it happen , again TQ ! red wine's brewing...

really no idea ! but will keep a lookout TQ!

looks like the only way to rekindle that flame is to go up all da way to Brinchang,Camerons

OMG ! are you gonna eat us too ?
haha ( also can...specially 4 you only...)
foodbin said…
Ho Ho one street away is a better alternative.