romancing the sweets

They are tempting green soft rice noodles in small bowls of iced water , exceedingly brown syrup sweetened & creamed to Nirvana Xstacy with high octane coconut milk . Most will be embedded with the tenderest and softest red beans and some ...
...neverending glutinous rice ...

You still wanna add yellow jack fruit or orange something...darlin' ?

Ask and who knows your dream will come true ! But stop right there before it becomes another decadent iced kacang ( ABC ) ok !

and now for the supergreen teasers

Just outside Lumut Promenade ( or Main Car Park ), Lumut town .
Ice comes in strange bits and pieces . RM2.00
Leftover red beans detected.
Definitely failed with green colors !

The first of 8 of MrCendol's foray into commercialising this dessert
as a Malaysian popular food eatery, in Billion Supermarket , Seri Manjung

a bowl. Quite traditional taste .

The copycat ( or improvisor ) of the
Sitiawan Queen of Bowties, beside the
Indian Temple , Sitiawan - Lumut Main Road.
RM1.20 , the cheapest of the lot. Not too bad

under the shadows of Court Mammoth , Sitiawan
Quite decent . RM1.50 ( pricey )

the Queen herself
outside Sitiawan Indian Temple ( near The Store )
all contrasting flavors balanced 8~8
RM1.30 ( no wonder all have fallen at her feet ! )

Cendol Malaysia


Ciki said…
the past two days have been so hot.. now i know what BSG has been eating to cool down!
worldwindows said…
Lots of palm sugar and santan. Will pay any price and travel any distance for it:) We have one just 2mins drive nearer home but its at RM2.50 and sometimes I get the green stuff in frozen state.
J2Kfm said…
still the James stall best eh?

thanks for the comprehensive cover-ups. or exposure, depending on how one looks at it.

me still think Penang cendol best though.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
James Cendol is the mostest bestest! =D
cumi ciki
ya lor cannot tahan must iced ourselves before becoming fried !

indeed we know there are many average fare with full house, people must be Q-ing for the ice or the milk , or issit sugar ?

we did this post for we know MrCendol very well and sort of promote cendol in Sitiawan ! But we have always felt the Penang version ( Pg Road, nearer the shop) as the better cendol in Malaysia, so you are right there !

did you know we call the her (da Queen, the missus James) the Unsmiling ?
Bangsar-bAbE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Eh, I don't know wor... How come ah? =/
maybe becoz He's ( MIA James )not there...