restoran ba kut teh , Mayang Mas Petaling Jaya

Sometimes we get lost in this area in between Bandar Utama and Taman Mayang looking for a quick bite. So how do we choose what & where to eat ? Because parking is horrendous at this time the best sensible place would be the place with a parking lot ! Never mind the food !

Happily... like this looking-good corner lot with the thumping meat sign !

Claypot Teow Chew BKT version infinity , claypot chicken in Chinese wine plus the whatyakalit yauchakuey with rice for 2 , and must-have Chinese tea ( what were you thinking ). RM22 . The menu was wide but we weren't looking.

As is usually the case during this dreadful lunch time , everything has that so so feel. (interesting) People watching across the tables and chairs is usually more tasteworthy. The fatiqued service was unhurriedly lacklustre like got plenty of time ( maybe for them ). Now that you ask also cannot remember how was the food.

Most times during superpeak lunch hours early in da week we are un-team bsg , just another tired and hot "eh the weather's terrible lah today dun feel like eating " folks.

O dear...are we talking bout you Baby ?


Ciki said…
the BKT looks greasy. the sauce looks like its been boiling for ages.. YUM!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
(just another tired and hot "eh the weather's terrible lah today dun feel like eating " folks)... I so relate to that!! =P
choi yen said…
I saw rice wine chicken, am I?
you have such sharp eyes and nose too
would be scared stiff to stand too near you , but then again , should stand as near as possible

We could be dreaming of you

yes , its there , your favourite ?
A rush hour like lunch may not be the best time savour an old favourite... Maybe to return during the off peak period and take one's time to savour the flavours? :)
foodbin said…
best time to eat there is after 6pm
we usually do that !

right , plus high drinks !