quick snack by the hills

Its still crowded anyway . Maybe its cheap. Or maybe its da best below the hill

So quaint so from a nostalgic bygone era
so kampung

rough & rustic

laksa by any other name RM2
the buyung version by the roadside

bsg rating 5/10

Bukit Gantang ,Perak
almost reaching Taiping
near Kuala Sepetang
after Kuala Kangsar
before Simpang

definitely Barisan National's Waterloo
7 April 2009


Ciki said…
i want the buyung version laksa ! looks good for cool weather
choi yen said…
Where to get RM2 laksa at KL, hehe :P
HairyBerry said…
the waterloo has really shook the once tranquil paradise. the buyung is bringing some of it back. another 5/10 will hopefully come back in the near future.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Makan tak ajak! I also want to eat RM2 laksa... =(
minchow said…
You guys were serious about going to Bkt Gantang?? Looks like a winner, definitely not a snack for the faint-hearted and politically foolish...
Leonard Loh said…
Kampung style laksa rocks big time! But I wish that they are a little hotter. They usually aren't being served hot.

Mimi, actually you can have Rm1.90 asam laksa in Sri Petaling. But it's mini version! Real small haha, sucks big time too...
actually the taste is mild and so is the warmness , you gotta reheat it !

pricing is tricky , we always say that . Quality and quantity is damn tricky , you must be careful

soon there will be a bigger tsunami !

get ready !

we always do what we say ( sometimes, most times infrequently

TQ for dropping by and yes, you are right that most Malay laksa is served lukewarm not very or boiling hot which shud be the case ! You can get laksa at prices lower than RM2 here and there but remember the quantity and quality shud be considered
tigerfish said…
Huh? Potato hill?
Sorry, my language sucks!