the power breakfast , Malaysia

Many people miss their morning Breakfast .

Some have no appetite before 11 in the mornings. Many skip it to rush to work. A few think it is a good idea as this will reduce their gross over-weight. Others simply dunno what to eat !

Then there are the exquisite forward planning people ( ya mean those Sporeans ah ? ) who , in preparing for a heavy meal later in the day or night ( such as the corporate VIP buffet lunch/dinner at the 3 1/2 star Hotel ...or the class of '98 Reunion) , are goading their already bloated mid sections suitably primed for the later-lah gruelling value-for-no-money gastronomic session in high class ambience !

Whatever , you may like to consider this Power Breakfast idea the next time. Its powerful... and it is inexpensive .

...and its morning good ! ...and super fast !

the food next door

black coffee with milk in classic glass cup on glass plate &
plastic spoon RM0.90
( not yet stirred )

the most desired banana leaf coconut flavored
fragrant rice & curry snack of all time RM1.00

the simplest , cheapest , most potent
& complete self contained natural life-giving tonic in the world
2 half boiled chicken eggs ( fertilised or not ) RM1.20 for 2

prices may differ across different localities in Malaysia
backlanes will be considerably cheaper

and branded Kopitiams ( New , middle age or Old )
typically charge 2 to 8X more for comparative items

enjoy your breakfast & dun miss it next time !


Selba said…
One thing that I don't like from having b'fast is that I tend to eat more during the day.

So better to keep the b'fast away :)
Rebecca Saw said…
That's the absolute fav breakfast option of mine..extra eggs pls! can literally eat this everyday n not get bored!
Christina Kim said…
I agree, breakfast is definitely the most important meal in the day!
Skip it, and aging is the answer and also over-eating throughout the day.
Wonder why it's sometimes reversed though...haha:)
Ciki said…
wow!we cannot escape the msian breakfast.. don't run away... run for the breakfast otherwise.. habis!
worldwindows said…
Many have to kiss good-by to early B/F and in defiance to mom's advice due to late nights and early morning rush. Those were the good ole days and it will never come back esp in KL unless we change gears?
NyonyaChef said…
The Nasi lemak looks good,...erh did you tapau back any ?
Bangsar-bAbE said…
That's my favourite kind of breakfast!

But I wouldn't mind giving up the nasi lemak for extra kaya toast with loads of butter! =P
looks like BF powers you up until you cannot stop !

we have seen the same people same time mornings in the same chair eating the same thing day in day out ! ( R V talking about ourselves ?)

there must be something pretty special in the mornings ( agree gentlemen ?):D

cumi ciki
we will run for you mornings, afternoons and nights

changing gears will not be good, most friends we know binge at nights and skip breakfast

how many you want ? H2O also got wat ?
me too ...I mean us too !
Tummythoz said…
That can be my power meal any time of the day. Better if got toast to dip in runny eggs.
minchow said…
Life-giving tonic!! I can't think of a better way to describe half boiled eggs in the morning! A dash of soy sauce and pepper, kacau kacau and away I go, back to life from the death of sleep!
Leonard Loh said…
OMG I love it! Food-next-door lol!

Life is short, cholesterol and calories are over-rated! Just work them off..
allie said…
my favourite would be half boiled egg with toasted bread ! Cant get bored of it!
This style seems to be quite popular with many traditional connoisseurs

in da cafes the omega ones are selling for RM2.80 in designer bowls, and some are very well done like pappa rich , our vote for the perfect soft boiled

there is this thing called to each his own, which is to say cholesterol is wonderful for some people ! and exquisite roast pork "artificial poison " to others

another old world connoisseur ! Welcome to BSG !
"Kopitiams ( New , middle age or Old)"

LOL... I wonder where we can find us some middle-aged kopitiams, haha.
choi yen said…
half boil eggs always my fav!!
they r normally in between the new young and the old...:p

this will be good for you next few more months ! but not too many plse !
foodbin said…
for me- breakfast is important to kick start my day.