a high class swipe

The WoW factor is there when you least expect.
Like when it came , it came Big and Strong
( a specific request with a triple reminder to have 1/2 portion rice was deafly ignored...taking customer service to new heights ! )

visually tho, the ostentatious display of seductive dark colors and
generous complimentary plastic orange strips was truly stunning !

But then...you have to dig out the grotesque piece of heavy bone attached to a little tough meat , inconveniently & purposely buried under the rubble of expensive premium upper echelon herbal fragrant rice .

that my friend is an insultingly neat RM12 for the
kingsly nasi briyani kambing !

a really disappointing flavorless brush with
the upper crust "classy fool's {emphasis bsg}" rice
in a Big Shop

Kelana Jaya
near KingKoil
Petaling Jaya
a bsg 'dumb' discovery2009


hehehe..i like the "a bsg 'dumb' discovery2009" fineprint!
RM12 eh? aiyooo..
Leonard Loh said…
Hahah 'dumb' discovery...

My version of that is "the cannot-make-it list".
Leonard Loh said…
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Hazza said…
Looks nice though. So, where can you get a delicious version of this in KL?
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Aiks....what a waste of RM12!
It was a bad bad choice . also stale

leonard loh
what people say about mamak shop being overcharging is true in this case !

there are some good ones in Puchong and some other places , but make sure you pick the items yourself !

agreed wholeheartedly , totally
'sob' sigh haiya