no meat no artiticial flavorings please

But looking good , delicious and healthy .

Is that possible ?

RM22 or so , all of the above light snacks ( 3 ) for 2
with pipe-in low frequency repetitive haunting music
like you are in a cave in Guilin (China) or somwhere like that

remarkably spacious and decent crowd
( goodness ! where did all these customers come from ? )
even though it is like errr... in da middle of nowhere

verdict : " You must be kidding me "

Organic Recipe
B3-07-09, Casa Utama,
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama,
PJU 6A, 47400 PJ
Tel: 03 - 7729 0236, 012-319 2357


Selba said…
The rolls look so pretty with all those colors... is it really yummy?
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Looks like something my parents would eat, not me! =P
minchow said…
Fitting concept! Repetitive haunting music will act as an appetite suppresant so light, healthy snacks will be sufficient. Genius!
vialentino said…
the rolls looks extremely healthy for me to eat...this is the food i am looking for...
Ciki said…
does that mean you don't eat your veges??!! bad boys!
Looks healthy enough... but does it taste good, I wonder? Hmm...

(Still think a lil meat could do wonders to these snacks. Hahaha.)
worldwindows said…
This is one place worth checking out! The rolls are so colourful.
NyonyaChef said…
Nice place, nice taste,...eventhough no meat. Something different from greasy food.
teckiee said…
whats that rice ball thing? Are there olives in them? looks good.
Rebecca Saw said…
if i'm not mistaken, nearby Kota Damansara there got a Organic Life cafe..the rolls etc looks the same. been meaning to try it but no one else wanna go! i luv my greens, but apparently not everyone!
Simon Seow said…
Going healthy once in while is a good thing for our detox system.
the feeling is freshness and greens and a little taste

It could be a good less oil package
tho eating it regularly is a hassle ( being not exactly cheap & sommore hard to find )

that being so would it be a great place then for secret passionate healthy romance?

welcome to BSG , yes it looks healthy crunchy with oiless greens !

cumi ciki
veges are fine and healthy . trouble is meats and some other things are , too ! We call these variety or isit choice n freedom ?

ok , now that you mention it it is no doubt healthy but not tasty for sure. Man is a basic carnivore anything less is pulling your punches and not unleashing your maximum predatory potential

yes , they look pretty healthy and good

They are an alternative ( when you have too much red blooded flesh, last night)as when you come home from meaty Hadyai

those are ball rice with greens dunno what ! Taste unlike Malacca rice balls tho - coz we din feel da power

imagine eating all vege popiah and mixed vege economy rice , its close enough

perfectly spoken !
Christina Kim said…
I am interested!
But what are the ingredients though; I am curious?
The presentation and the colors were very very attractive, but I am just wondering about what are they?:)
mostly real vegetables green and purple with self made flavorings. compostitions unknown , trade secrets !

You must come here to see the live things.mny indon helpers who look like Thais