lunch at the centre with a backview

Its casual & so convenient . Only 2 days old when we came.

Service was neat , fast and proper, though it took them sometime to figure out
about the puzzling " half " rice
( haven't they heard of men on a diet ah ?)

view of some other hungry people choosing their stuff

the delightful fresh nasi campur (a bsg fave) lunch
( beef rendang , fried fish + pickles + 2 live 4 sambal)
a fantastic RM4 ( Malay favorite No.)

the back appetiser par D licious

sometimes lunch means look !
and be happy

centeryard beside Alicafe
Kelana Mall
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya


Selba said…
Be happy for lunch! :D

Nasi campur here in Jakarta is usually like nasi hainan.
Tummythoz said…
That 'backview' is so unexpected. Thot it'll b nature.
worldwindows said…
RM4 is a really cheap. The fried fish is always my favourite in Malay eateries.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Simple good food, plus cheap!

And I also thought backview means garden view...or scenery. T_T
tigerfish said…
The paper menu looks basic...but as long as the food is good, who cares? ;p
So much for RM4 and comes with backview !!! Hot stuff both ways
Rebecca Saw said…
oh i luvv nasi campur!! esp the roadsides ones..yum yum..can add loads of goodies..
nasi campur( Malay ) and chap fun ( Chinese )are the No 1 lunch time eating out meals in Malaysia

we aim to shock from da back up !

Malay fries are the world's best eg pisang goreng etc

we normally eat with our eyes , sideways ...& yes da back too !

right on dear SuperCook !

hahaha !

these are the real classics of Malaysia, only Gourmands like you know perfectly !