love in the air

Never miss this cool Paradise if ever you are in Cameron Highlands again. The drive up and down the narrow cliffhanger of a lane is truly invigorating and a once in a lifetime experience ! Bask in the awesome view of the magnificent manicured tea shrubs ! Feel the drooling breeze ! Laugh & shriek with joy until the tears flow !

Then have Xquisite English tea with her . Feel the loving warmth amongst the envious cold .

Relax !
Eat !
Drink !
Enjoy !

be happy at

Sg Palas Boh Tea Estate ,
Brinchang , Cameron Highlands
( from the Butterfly Farm , Brinchang
turn into the opposite lane and begin your adventure ! )


J2Kfm said…
they should really do something about the hazardous route to this place.
can have heart attack, esp if one drives a BIG vehicle from either direction!
teckiee said…
apa sal the lovely lady covered partially but the edit text?
HairyBerry said…
love in the cool air for we love the cool weather, especially now when it's no cooler than a glass of lukewarm water...cameron is a fantastic place to be with. complement that with a cuppa tea and some warm food, woah! oh, English gals are welcome, of course.
Selba said…
I wanna visit Cameron Highlands... some ppl said it's similiar to our Puncak Tea plantation... but I guess the atmosphere should be different ;)
Ciki said…
love the tea fields.. everytime i see them they remind me of a huge mossy blanket!
the kick is we all survive to tell the tale, so thats superb !

English girls or English scones or English tea ? we always take the first one first, then the 3rd and hopefully the stoned comes last

looks like you will need to spend 2 weeks in Malaysia for round 1, for camerons you need a night's stay for sure !

we dream of jogging in da divine morning dew beside the strawberry farm with Cool & Charming , that would be a run made in HEAVEN
she say dun tell and let anybody see...yet
It's been too long since I was at Cameron Highlands... time for a revisit... The view can be both reinvigorating and relaxing... :)
choi yen said…
Cool air is what I want in this freaking hot season!!!