in the morning

...when the moon is at its rest ( actually...not really )

When the hot & chilled day is over n done and the tired & drunk /horny folks go home or somewhere else , the back-up action & fun begins ! Time to recharge your spent internet gadget and prepare for Part 3.

But first another few more cuppas of non-alcoholic coffee and then plug your dearest Acer Aspire One in babe. We know some of you young people will not be able to open your eyes and will fall asleep. Yet how come got these so many no need to sleep one hyperactive bushy Arabic sounding freshies busy talking about their nex so easy lah tutorial in da corner there , against the slick backdrop of Leona Lewis ?

Good morning 3 am Mcdonald Bangsar , the best 24 hour McD in M'sia !

Now everybody can surf unlimited ! Good olde McWifi has all the power points you need , plus unlimited hot porridge & coffee ! You want the buns too ?

Time to move over Starbucks !

a really cool fast food joint

Spacious ( 2 floors ) with all da bread & water and
all da power you want ! 24 hours !
While not far away the other end , the real party begins...
slick men in fast cars and fair women in Black on stby mode

recharging with super cholesterol grilled squids in
all time protein power sup kambing !

the sup{p}er Mamak place

Mcdonalds &
Pelita Nasi Kandar
Bangsar ( JlnTelawi )
Kuala Lumpur

for midnight cowboys & backstreet warriors


Selba said…
Sup kambing and grilled squids... sounds good except for the cholesterol part :)
Big Boys Oven said…
wow what a satisfying morning! maybe I will join you one day! :)
Ciki said…
r those ur frens or u just simply tk pictures of gals at 3am ar? :P
HairyBerry said…
when the lights go out in the clubs at 3, the crowd gets bigger in these joints. to join in with the soccer fans and maybe some hungry ones after 2 bottles of whiskey (i am guilty). that's bangsar morning. and we likez!

hey, how about the nasi lemak? ;D
foodbin said…
good header-simple foods-macho ending.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
You went for supper in Bangsar and didn't call BANGSAR babe? T_T
Tummythoz said…
3am? ZzzzZZzzZzzZZzzzz
cholesterol is best ...
the secret of the taste !

that will be a great honour TQ !

cannot kanot simply take pixs of fair bare backs from 8 inches oderwise get wallop one you know ! They are early morning pretty friendly people one dun worry

nasi lemak just now only take , then got so much tiger also got prolem to eat also just hang around then also got so many beautiful people so early one all of them dowan to go back

thats Bangsar ( actually most of them are Indians as the New Bangsar is famous for )

we were torn between 3 great loves in messy surroundings and promise a cooler place for you , soon

alo, thoz you were the nightingale Queen ? dun bluff ah ...
k.t.x said…
at times, these sup-sup kambing and lembu r quite over rated, altho i must say, the crave does arise once when the moon is blue...because, the spices and ajinomoto overwhelm the sup so much that the kambing and lembu is nowhere to be found. but nasi kandar is different, it's original and heavenly. dude, can u stop talking abt's just a piece of meat in between ever u wanna intepret...lah. hehe.
so good that you are back to your ktxtinG edge !
Its so true that under da blue moon, things feel ktxfusing & we are usually konned and fail to realise many things ! including those meat between da thighs errr we mean the bread...
hahaha !
ling239 said…
any idea any more RM4 weekday bfast at McD ? :p
Vivien said…
unlimited porridge? u mean Mcporidge are refillable?
probably still on

we mean there is enough porridge to go round...