hot , high & cool

It was a pretty fast up & down . People who come here are never known to skip this kind of thing. Especially if you are new to the place & the food .

Doesn't matter if its cold and raining , thats even more cool , right !

a jolly good meal with the boat & da steam
RM18 each ( we mean the food )

They r hot !

Cameron Highlands


J2Kfm said…
nothing beats a piping hot bowl of steaming tomyam or chicken soup, laden with MSG (or not), and seafood/balls/meat/vege/egg thrown in for good measure.

highly enjoyable up there. NOT so much down here.
minchow said…
Only if pork balls are involved! Not a mighty big fan of all that steam, on top of our 30 degree something temperature.
Selba said…
Eating steamboat during cold weather is so niceeeeee....
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I love having steamboat, especially during cold weather. Cameron is most ideal!

Piping hot tomyam with fresh mushrooms, noodles and egg...shiok!!
worldwindows said…
CH is a place for scones and tea in the garden, mamak roti chanai with all kind of fillings and steamboat!
y cover half the face when its hot??
you are perfectly right , for above the cool place is a paradise , only if you've got good eating drinking playing companionship

one clear sunny day we shall meet up here

thats why its compulsory for first time travellers to enter this steaming zone

yeah , and all those raw eggs in tomyam !

Only problem is after eating , whats next ?

actually its supposed to be a hideaway you know , so half shud be alright as the game is still not over, yet