a hell of a combination at port weld

For the past few days Bukit Gantang ( Perak) and its surroundings ( Taiping , Simpang , Trong , Sg Kerang , etc ) were gripped in a classic art of war.

( behemoth) Barisan Nasional vs (slumdog) Pakatan Rakyat .

The streets were chocked with purposeful people . To the uninitiated , it does look like a Happy Carnival with posters and banners hanging everywhere and exceptional energetic crowds at the eating places ( ...we should know ! ) .

Whoooosh ! The euphoria of a fast & furious ( part 4 ) by-election !

We were particularly interested in the fishing village of Kuala Sepetang , previously Port Weld, the epicenter of the Battle for Bulit Gantang with a crucial Chinese population which could tip the result of the Great Battle either way.

About 2 km before this fishing village , there are many famous Malay "mee udang" restaurants/stalls, all located on the left side ( funny ! ) of the road...

We were "accepted" into one of the super crowded hyperactive restaurants filled to the brim with the fierce warriors and had a first hand look at the famed dish...the standard version of (why?) 7 prawns ( size of middle finger , how convenient ) sitting on top of a mee rebus type of noodle. RM9

bsg rating 7/10

Then we checked out the Chinaman market place in town just down da road at the backstreets for another prawny (curry) noodle dish , this time with 10 tiny prawns plus some baby cockles. RM2.20

bsg rating 7/10

What a marvellous harmonious combination of Malay & Chinese Cuisine, exactly the killer recipe to deal the Barisan National (BN) a crippling death blow on 7 th April 2009 , and send Wira Nizar to Parliament for the first time, to continue the greater Perak War , part Final...soon

Well done ! ...V mean , well eaten !

Kuala Sepetang ( Perak)
BN's Waterloo


HairyBerry said…
we sure love prawns size of a middle finger than a thumb for it is definitely the winner! and the curry laksa at 2.20 definitely beats 2020.

BN's waterloo! that is one definitely creative name!
worldwindows said…
I like those Malay prawn noodles but the prize is on the high side.
minchow said…
2 Bukits trumps 1 lone Batang anyday! I would like both versions of these special pint-sized prawns, back to back, to celebrate!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I'll have the RM2.20 noodles with extra seehum thank-you-very-much! =D
Rebecca Saw said…
both also 7/10! nvr mind,i 'll hav both!
Christina Kim said…
Hehe...the Chinaman version is more value for money ya? ;)

Interesting way of writing..me like! =)
Perak is now poised for round final -state wide early general election !
If that is the case we should try to FoodBlog round Perak and ensure one of us gets elected to the Royal Food Council Ok ? yes ?

infact there is another version that costs RM12 , cheap when compared to Penang Teluk Kumbar's super version at RM16 !

promise to be there when the next grand Perak election takes place ok !

No , not allowed ! you must have the RM12 one

This place is a State treasure so yes , you may have them all !

the chinaman one is also pretty tasty and cheap so you can have 3 at one go ! Thxs for the compliments on the writing. In practise we do better...LOL !
Ciki said…
2.20 is the magic figure of course! looks greasy and yummie!
Unknown said…
I see laksa, I want to eat laksa!
those little pieces of tao pok is making me salivate. lol...
Michelle said…
you can always link me with prawns.. my loves. why am i never accepted by those middle finger size prawns!!!
its fantastic ! can pop in in 3 secs !

small town is best !

are you talking bout the middle us ? !
OK here we come !
Unknown said…
Ya, and the name is "one afternoon", quite an interesting name.