going bananas

over versatile , slim and slendar yellow Wonders

Banana plantations are usually scattered about in the countrysides , farmed as a cash crop by petty farmers beside the Highways , with the famous veiny banana leaves standing up and the fibrous stems not so tall. Strangely dark hills & valleys are usually found close by ( see pix ) .

You can buy the fruits in the neighborhood fruit shop or if you like , the exciting backstreets where you can bargain for fun.

Unlike the tricky durian , they are not sky-high expensive & perform quite consistently

...as long as they look fresh & not overly soft.


They are amongst the world's best and most popular fruits with a high energy content and rich in potassium , and easily digestible !

Its superbly gentle texture & oozing warm feel plus the famed out-of-the-world taste makes it a mega-Hit with the ladies ( see pix )

Usually fragrant and sweet... but can be pungent at times and only cost 20 or 30 sens each , while if you are lucky some people can give it for free...

an epic bsg discovery 2009


NyonyaChef said…
Yo ! why your banana look a bit weird ? Hair ?
Sugar Bean said…
Haha, the photos look so funny! Malaysian bananas are nice, a bit different from those in uk.
ai wei said…
banana is very good for constipation!

sugar bean, how different is it between msian banana and uk banana???
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Is that HAIR I see on the banana??!!?? o_0
Rebecca Saw said…
bananas... great fried, masak lemak, in buburchachas, in protein shakes, made into cakes, breads.. sighh..luvv it! oh yes, cheap too!
J2Kfm said…
hahha .. what a luscious post.
nothing beats bananas on a moody day.
you are pretty observant ! Funny where did that looking like some hair flew from ah ?...

Malaysian variety generally smaller and sweeter, easier to handle

not only that , its sweet and never give trouble . and never sour

looks like it , all curly and waiting like that

the best fruit definitely , we never miss it da nights

its self contained and once skin is unleashed , quite potent !