the definitive misguide to Kg Koh noodles

Noodles are a central & inexplicable part of
the Chinese psyche

Bet you will never forget the Tang Dynasty thriller where The Drunken Master was caught with his pants down in a cross fire between 2 feuding Bandit Gangs as he was slurping his last strand of the long noodles in hot soup upstairs beside the Pink Flower Blossom and had to summon all his deft chop stick & wine hardened skills to save himself from certain death !

Ah ! Chopsticks , men & noodles... what a deadly combination !

Over on this side into the present time , things are not so dramatic.

Proudly presenting noodles of Kg Koh , a vibrant ( yet dying wooden village of township proportions ) near ACS Sitiawan , Perak.

Part 1
from the kitchens of the Chinese Restaurants

1. loomian / lor mee ( yellow noodles in starchy egg gravy )
2. eang chew mian siang ( brittle soft noodles in red wine soup )
3. cha zuee mian ( fry cook yellow noodles )

from RM6 up

Part 2
ready in 58 secs from the frontStreets & back

instant noodles Kg Koh , the Top 3

1. kam puang
( dry noodles in brown sauce with lard)
2. loo mian (starchy noodles with bamboo shoots/cuttlefish)
3. ching toung ( noodles & meats in plain soup )

from RM2.40 a bowl/plate ( and rising )

Part 3
anyway which way you like it local imports

kali mian ( Nyonya styled curry noodles )
and laksa ( the famed Penang fishy hot soup )

from RM2.40 a bowl ( and rising ! )

Have a Kg Koh Noodles Day , today !

Kg Koh

a bsg ( Sitiawan ) 2009 exclusive


Bangsar-bAbE said…
cha yuee's been a long time since I had that!
Rebecca Saw said…
ohhh kam puang for me pls!!
worldwindows said…
Hardly a day goes by without mee getting my noodles-fix. The red wine soup noodles looked vicious and authentic Foochow!
minchow said…
Chopsticks, wine and noodle, a lethal combination, though not exactly in that order. Kg Koh serves up a mean variety, it'd take quite a bit of wine to get through that!
Leonard Loh said…
Loh Mee is my fav! Where can I get one in KL?!?!
one day...tapau ( warm) ;D

coming 2 + 1 free !

wa so many noodlists

simply chicken pieces and mee suah very authentically simple

nex time just turn right from Ckt Jering and whoooosh , here you are

the only lor mee (Sitiawan style ) you want you can only get from bangsar Babe !
teckiee said…
OMG damn good post! I miss ang chio mee sua man. Havent eaten them for ages.
Leonard Loh said…
can only get the Lor Mee from bangsar Babe eh?!

So BangsarBabe, when are you going to invite us to your house? Don't worry we'll do potluck LOL
bangsarB makes them on a regular basis !
maybe she shud have a party !

see above comments for the hope to come Big Party !