the poor daughter's rich daddy can cook !

He has just moved into USJ Taipan bringing many rich friends with him.

Do you see that big dim place at the corner ? That one always crowded with people old and young...with that annoying Malaysian trademark glare , as you enter, & trying to look hip & cool ?

He is quite dark and handsome , probably tall too who knows

His RM9.50 combo of big steamed bread with kaya & butter over hot coffee feels just like home. The 2 unusually white , warm but fragile eggs broke up , releasing 2 perfectly delicious soft lumps. And we mean perfect ! with no trace of slime. And the unmatched tender yokes bouncing ever so firm perfectly.

He must have learnt well from the roadside hawkers , for the RM40 Ipoh kuey teow ( with a separate plate for chickens) , classical nasi lemak ( with rendang chicken breast ) and fried chicken chop plus 3 sugar water drinks are good and can easily give 'em hot-shot hawkers a run for their money.

pappa rich cafe
USJ Taipan
Subang USJ

watch out ! Old Town White Coffee
the rich one is charging in with a Big Bang !


Oooh, that shot of those soft-boiled eggs is sure enticing... I wanna go get me some right now for tea! ;)
Selba said…
Pappa? Not papa? you sure it's a real father? hehehe...
HairyBerry said…
ohhh, daddy's getting rich. the family picture is getting more complete with the hainan pak, uncle lim and the many others in the old town. we now have almost a complete family tree. ;D
choi yen said…
Their food quite expensive!!! Ur half boil egg is killing me, I cant eat for 9 months!!! *sob*sob
tigerfish said…
The poor daughter here of my daddy can eat :)
foodbin said…
they are very aggressive-one just open near my office in Tmn Shamelin
Ciki said…
aiiyo.. can't keep track or more like dowan to keep track of all these cafes.. :P
They are the only ones we give 10/10

we assume he's doing it for his sons and daughters ! and he's pretty rich ( or soon will be )

No we still haven't got nic,or niclynn, yet

alamak 9 months ! never mind try tofufa first then later can oredi !

haha you want also ah ?

seems to be doing pretty well, with a huge popular menu

cumi ciki
you keep track of all de Canters & de handsomes we will inform you these things ok ? Deal ?