d Klang Bak Kut Teh

This ultra sensitive enigma has been over-imitated and mis-immortalised in the annals of Malaysian foodlore , notwithstanding half cannot get near it much less touch it.

We present 2 more of the lip quivering earth shaking
mutiboiled brew & super tonic for your viewing pleasure

warning: the following great pixs may be offensive to some
& Xtreme viewer discretion is advised

The "bridge leg" shop , one of the most well known off quoted BKT shops in town
located in between the Klang Police Station and the Klang KTM station.

A regular first-stop introductory BKT showpiece for first time meat gourmets to Klang

signature light colored d meats in not too strong herbal soup

the latest sensation of Taman Berkeley , Klang
smack in the BKT row

stunning meat with long bone.
impeccable brew not to be missed
a bsg (Klang) top hit

RM9-11 a person with rice and Chinese tea


Jason said…
Oooo good good. My friend might know how to go to these places :)
Long bones... for a long nite later? Good times, brother, good times... ;)
J2Kfm said…
wah! the 'Yat Chi Kuat' at Mo Sang Kor REALLY look scary leh ...
you eat with hand or chopstick?!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I've only heard of Seng Huat's BKT. Which tastes better? =)
omg i was just thinking abt klang BKT and i see this!!! argh..need to get my fix..
both places are easily accessible from main roads

it has been good for a long while, no doubt

these bones are reminiscent of thoe Honky grills hanging by the roadsides, you may grab them by the teeth and fingers

Asu usual with these kind of meats , your vote depends heavily on the specific part of the animal you have chosen for it can be as tender as the liver, as chewy as the Big Boone ( tua kut)or as tender as the 4 layered fatttty special. Indeed the timing of your adventure is also crucial as the 7.30 am brew is quite diffferent from the 11.15 brew or horro of horrors that 2.45pm rejects ! Both are good but beware the cautions just listed

we knew you are coming...
Unknown said…

Bak Kut done any style is good for me. Bak Kut Teh or BBQ Back Ribs. They are equally yummy!