24 minutes at money river

The top floor ( car park zone ) of KL's everything and anything under the sun & No. 1 shopping center BB Plaza / Sungei Wang ( money river ) Plaza , Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur also spills abundant food like a gushing waterfall...

Thousands of mall workers/visitors from near & far are refueled here at lightning speed to continue helping their Bosses make more money !

Competition is keen , prices are bargaindible and the food food food truly amazing !

You must come upstairs one day , here
it is listed in the Malaysian Book of Records ( we think )
as the biggest , longest , numblest etc

The fan ventilated fluorescent lighted dining area is basic and spacious. There are individual stalls among the multi-culinary vendors and a colorful mix of food but one row is completely dominated by 3 ( at least ) Chinaman Gastronomic Sifus showing off their hundreds of eye-popping imperial Emperor Dishes , now brought down to earth for you and us.

some bsg example selections

Be eye-strucked & tummy-cramped by the ravishing spread of popular Malaysian Chinese Cuisine. Although difficult , you must choose wisely and not be easily tempted...and be quick !

... the crowd is thick and furious , & you can be forgiven if you feel like you need another 15 minutes to soak it all in !

Why , at around RM 4 a plate of rice plus 3 or 4 spoonfuls of the mega buffet & one drink of fake Chinese tea , you can afford to come back repeatedly for the rest of the month without burning a hole in your pocket and most of all , pretend to feast like the Beijing Dowager , minus the 8 rapids' abalones , autumn lunar lobsters and prosperity shark's fins soup which need many days advance notice.

By using your imagination , you can outsmart the smart panda eye cashier and get a real bargain. He bills your selection with only a single 1.5 secs eye-scan so the trick is to distract him ...or just hide your 4 tiger prawns under the rice ( got it ? )

economy rice
mixed rice
chap fun
nasi campur ( cina)
nasi kandar ( cina)
Emperor's Dishes

Upper Deck ( Car Park Zone )
BB Plaza/Sg Wang Shopping centre
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur


choi yen said…
Are they still playing Steven Chow movie? ^.^
minchow said…
I had no idea this place existed! Food courts and chap fan stalls are a blessing and a curse at the same time. You walk in there expecting a tasty bargain (so clever to have avoided the food chain glut) only to end up walking away from the counter wondering how you ended up paying a ridiculous amount for what is essentially the poor salarymen's meal!
Precious Pea said…
Long forgotten place! I used to come here quite often...food not bad and back then, only can afford eating here.
worldwindows said…
1.5 sec scan to price is a record. I hated it when they take too long. Gives me the impression that they are trying to over-charge:)
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I cannot outsmart these people lah! They can see my "hidden" pork pieces under the tofu... o_0

Sifu, you must teach me the trick! =P
Would prefer MOONRIVER than SUNGEI MONEY !! Gosh I was typing this and my music just played moonriver...Hmm
NyonyaChef said…
My HK friend always like to go there when she's back. Lot's of choices & cheap RM4.00 average, but she doesn't know,... petrol, toll, parking comes out to be almost RM6.00. Haha

Since we are in KL, might as well go to Ikan Bakar Istana ? Wat say you ?
no , now its the Ip Man on one side and the Jackie Chan Daniel Woo on the other...what a place for the Chinese thriller reruns !

This particular place is outstanding , got more than 75 + 25 dishes so shud have at least 2 you will like

the place is so spacious and so casual , can wear hot pants and slippers too

actually sometimes they dun even look at the plate , esp if your are an all alone pretty lass ,as they tend to look beyond what she's holding

no need to worry , for you we believe they will do anything we are sure even hold the separate plates of the 8 seasons tofu for you then say this one is complimentary come back again soon

moonriver is near the bar outside with sweet flowing music, coming ?

This place is best remembered for tummy boggling quantity, some others notably in Sunway has better quality ! Istana here we come next ! soon !
Been going there for the past 20 years. Usually go there alone, so must pretend to understand what's showing on those TV screens. Can't hide those tiger prawns...they always lift up the tofu and sayur to see what's underneath. I think they've wised up. Alternatively, I shall go with you and observe how the master does it.
we are so glad you gotten it...

20 years of pampering by the Emperors' Imperial Cooks will surely make you our beloved Queen !
Your wish is our command , your Highness...
Ciki said…
yes! i rmbr the chapfan here.. good cheap and plentiful! the men standing around looks like gonna eat you or something if you don't chose ur food fast:P
UnkaLeong said…
Hahaha...My normal lunch spot when I am there for work. The Chicken Rice is quite good as well. Look for the long queue ;)
how come ah so pretty also they ask you to be quick ah ? very bad

tks for the chicken tip !
Anonymous said…
food on the left shop taste better
Rebecca Saw said…
i like the vegetarian stall!
we missed that one...