2 inch noodles and flat rectangular balls

Those who do not take pork will never understand what's all the fuss ( or de ... f r u s t... ) . Those who know know they cannot live without it. Such is life as we also know it. So are balls round or flat ?

Can rats' tails be eaten ? Can Ratatouille cook ? OMG ! thats gross...but thats the name of these sauce-dependant short tasteless noodles. And round flat balls.

Also called pork ball noodles. As you can see , its never short of lady admirers .

How about 2Die4 minced meat & cutted Chinese pork sausages ? Are they any good ?

Whatever , in this case of the noodle stall in Section 17 , Petaling Jaya we prefer the trusted green pickled chilis condiment much more than the main short tailed noodles and underflavored good looking meat.

Lovely greens at the wrong place wrong time.

Sometimes fantastic looking dishes are not what they seem , so try to eat everywhere and everything if you can , so that you take the good with the bad and...

...you too can become Gluttons like us and a whole new world begins.



minchow said…
There is no disappointment like a disappointing bowl of good-looking noodles. A punch in green chilli encrusted gut!
ck lam said…
The only place I know of in KL is the one in the corner of Imbi Road. Thanks for introducing this place.
Selba said…
I love green pickled chilis ;)
worldwindows said…
You bowl lokks nice. Not over-sauced with slightly bitter and sweet black soy sauce. This will go very well with the rat's tails:)
HairyBerry said…
the things we do for pork and with pork is amazing. and why shouldnt we when it's such a delicacy. yes, we should explore more and more and not just stick to one for the windows of the world open and close with each meal. we just have to knock to find out.
choi yen said…
I love the sausage!!! Always 1 2 "ga liu" aka add ingredients!!
k.t.x said…
mate! now that i m back, i can totally check out those which u hv featured instead of just plain salivating. but then again, i m selective..hehehe.

man...i m already missing those chinese brews....so, tell me...which one u prefer...kingway or tsingtao? lol.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I like kuay teow when I eat pork noodles! =)

To me, rats tail noodles are best cooked ala claypot... ;)
right , like when she discovers he da really good looking has not been so performing like he shud of late...so guttingly painful V tell ya !

infact there are many hawker "ballers" of this kind in KL & there is even one hot shot in Malls (eg Sunway Pyramid, etc ) claiming the secret to the perfect pork balls in 33 steps , like a reborn backlane now become Frontmall Pro ( check it out soon !)

we expect the spicy you would , coz its also our favourite , not too strong yet can kill

Murni in SS2 is extra famous for its rats tails in claypot tho its the halal version without the balls

unfortunately something in life which we never properly understood is why if pork is unclean to billions ... then why are cowLungs clean & a superloyal clean affectionate "dog" ...untouchable! SlumDog here we come !

ya better be careful with those 'terrible' delicious things

you shud know wat , we love em ALL !
from 333 to singha to migual to the one, stby alert !

we love the tails being so easy to hold with one hand on 1 spoon , no need folk no need chopsticks ! Claypot tails is nice !( see comments for worldW)
Michelle said…
bahhh... i can't seemed to find those kind of pork sausages here in klang ler... tsk!
surely got one , must find harder behind the roads !
ling239 said…
just for sharing... this pork balls noodles is much better that the one at Sun Yin Loong, Kota Damansara leh >.<"
really ? we must ry one more time !