wak chai briyani rice

Johore Malay sensations

This Malay restaurant with the "Chinaman" name specialises in whatdoyaknow...!

...Xquisite multi-color beriani/biryani/briyani rice ( Indian / Middle-Eastern / Afghanistan / Iraqi et al Cuisine) and is situated non-chalantly in one of the backrow shops in the Rahim Kajai , Taman Tun ( Kuala Lumpur ) area...

...a place well known for its affluent residents , most of whom from the modern elite cream of local Malay Government / Corporate movers & shakers .

Briyani Special , the stunning lamb shank gulai
claimed to be a delight inspired from an
& craft design studio in Johore
RM10 something ( inclusive royalty)

The very tasty Mee Bandung , a mee rebus / mee jawa look alike .

The sharp sting (SS) we normally associate with this kind of exotic offering tho...
...is noticeably missing

Nevertheless it is a pretty decent and clean place with some other
lip smacking ( we hope ) noodle specialties
which we shall soon be back to try

prices commensurate with the well to do neighborhood so...
...please get ready !


10pls RM? wah quite expensive for such exotic offerings hor?
foodbin said…
the basmathi rice is so tempting
Selba said…
Another dish that I've never eaten before.... My.. my.... a long list for me :D
minchow said…
While the tri-coloured rice is indeed appetizing, I know the ghee overdrive will upset my stomach so. The Mee Bandung looks a safer, more energetic bet!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Waaaa...how big a hole will a meal here burn in my wallet? =S
worldwindows said…
This is a potential place for good Malay fare. The Mee Bandung has thick gravy and it look good.
J2Kfm said…
wait, is the Johor Briyani called Briyani Gam or something?

heard that Johor's famous for that, but sadly dunno which corner to look for ...
wmw said…
Both I like...tender lamb and briyani rice! :o)
Rebecca Saw said…
ehhehe..."price commensurate with the neighborhood"...couldnt agree more!
Kana said…
That briyani looks quite good.
Wennn said…
Sorry lor dinner no ready at all.. Me n princess Bea went bek to m'sia to hv homecook food by my parents...
HairyBerry said…
you team wont believe it that i had just made my virginal deep visit to ttdi only last week. yeah, many eateries there. when da team recommends a place liddat, i'm sure to follow. thanks! ;D
Ciki said…
briyani makes me wanna Zzzzzzz in the afternoons!
Its actually fried rice plus some gluey lamb meat in bones

the colors great ,flaky & bouncing and all that but not the taste

this is a standard dish in many mamak restaurants , expensive and upper class food which tend to be sweeter

This one has no scourching fire so its safe ! But there are lots of cool pubs nearby ( like Sid)

thats the problem with famous high class Muslim eateries( eg Kayu ) where many Gomen people and policemen eat for cheaper so the rest have to pay more...souhds familiar ?

we missed out on the highly recommended laksam which was not available , but the mee is fine & red

you are right , we saw the word gam somewhere and strange that always got this Kelantan that Johore those Melaka specialities but where Perak ?

you the lady...all food will change to the brightest color with your lumix

the NG
TTDI , watch that name

it does look excellent really , picture perfect and so fresh

aiyo why we dunno wan ? wan to see here lah !

welkum welcome the place also got many expatriates eat the tailok meen in that one OK Restaurant nearby with the Hinekeinn

the mamak one is 1.5 scales better