down to earth

always fresh , always good

shrimp fritters ( fried golden and crispy : 3/5)
boiled cockles ( fresh , mud-less & juicy : excellent )
fish soup with Chinese wine ( tasty : 3.8/5 )
onioned sambaled ladies fingers on banana leaf ( simply sliced but very good)
grilled stingray on banana leaf ( 3.6/5 )
spicy sauced pagoda snails from Bali( blow / or suck front or back : 2.5/5 )
spicy squids : nothing to squid about
4 rice 4 standard sweet drinks in iced cubes : 2.55 of 5


Terubong Seafood
Behind Ayer Itam


teckiee said…
Down to sea la ;p The see ham too cooked la. Where's all the bloody red stuff?
Precious Pea said…
I long long time never eat bloody cockles liao. Yummy!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
The snails not nice? Only 2.5/5?
k.t.x said…
the strange thing about malaysians (and thais too)...they friggin like to add ice cubes in drinks huh? lol. me included, but i seldom do that anymore....except a occasional chinese ice tea or two....

btw..emmm, juz an average of 3 points outa 5....screw it. let's only go for 5/5 k? LOL...kidding mate.
choi yen said…
I scare of bloody cockles~~ I want my cockles in chao kuey tiu all cooked :P
HairyBerry said…
down on earth is a variety of gravitated maybe too heavy shells of shellfish that come by in our blessed land to be enjoyed in the company of chili and hot soup in which we will afterwards, take good care of mother earth so that she will grant us more of the beauties inside her. we will be obedient.
minchow said…
Pagoda snails.. got my name written all over them! But more onion than ladyfingers?? Not too hot about that...
J2Kfm said…
bloody cockles = banned.

was actually going for your Ayer Tawar's curry mutton recommendation, but a tad too late now ... cannot rmbr the name. =P
we oredi slurped the blood first faster before the succulent meat !

you no scared ah all the sea lovely virus inside da shell?

They are too sweet for us

you are in the land of the best seafood we tell ya ! yes Thais we love iced or hot

we wonder how come people love see hum so bloody red too , scary

we mean seafood shud be affordable on earth not sky high like Unique

you are beautifully rare indeed to know much more than what we were trying to say , hymmmmm

remember the 7-11 , just outside the town