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This big old corner lot seafood restaurant by the junction is popular for its reasonable prices and wide mix of good old fashioned Chinese dishes. Being well situated in the middle of an affluent Chinaman neighborhood of Sea Park , SS1, Jln 222 & Paramount Gardens and flanked by the best coffee shop in PJ (O & S) just down the other shopcorner , you can be sure it has its own loyal family customers.

If you are alone lunchtime , ask for their beef or fish head noodles for which they are quite famous apart from the usual 1 chicken , 1 pork , 1 fish , 1 vege 1 "chin chai one" and 1 soup dish for a table of 8 .

Do not order ( yet ) the pale white look-like-ducks hanging by the side to dry coz they are not yet roasted ( it takes a pretty long time to become golden you know )
Did you say ducks ? in da seafood restaurtant ?

YES ! indeed...
Sometime after 4pm . Real golden crispy oily fowl meat !

Get ready to line up coz that lady there's gonna order 4 one shot ( RM42 each) I think
and those 8 men looking-like-tow-truck-operators one just sat down and
are staring hard at those delectable hanging ons, waving their hands
then those other 4 women...
then 2 more cars stopping...omg

Loong Foong Roasted Duck
Paramount Gardens
1, Jln 20/13
Petaling Jaya

bsg verdict ?
the Sunrise one ( Sea Park PJ) is 2 shades better
more taste , more delicate


Bangsar-bAbE said…
Hmmmm...I find Sunrise overrated. The place is super hot, and the roast duck to me is average.

I prefer Four Seasons in Capsquare.
yeah i drove past 1 nite..and there was a BLOODY LONG QUEUE!! gave up and ate something else..
Selba said…
As a roasted duck lover... I think it's great to find duck in a seafood restaurant! :D
minchow said…
Undefeatable! The grit that one feels upon seeing the competition, faces set with hungry determination, eyes on the same limited prizes at highly-trafficked food vendors. Your pulse quickens, your steps bigger, your stomach growls louder... it's quite the scene!
Ciki said…
SUNRISE! anytime..!
HairyBerry said…
42 for a donald is about there, for a good one. if we have chinese herb, it's best. the things we do for a crispy skin and moist, juicy meat. ahhh, it's worthwhile.
Big Boys Oven said…
I have not tried sunrise's but was tols it is better!
ling239 said…
the butter prawns in clay pot and acar by the roast duck store also very very good !! ^O^
we have not tried Cap square , will note it next TQ

that was a brilliant idea , to go somewhere else !

ducks are pricey and sometimes high failure rate !

we often wonder why , is it worth the wait ? sommore got people jump Q one ! heart pounding legs vibrating but got to tapau for ppl that was the worst thing !

true but we got the feeling that fella is quite cocky ( usual for such prima donnas right ?)

this one lacks the ooomph and we are not impressed with the texture which was hard in some places

sunrise is overall better we believe

yes ah we din know that .TQ
k.t.x said…
hey dude, this place's one of my fav, almost sideby side with sunrise although back in the mohterland, i hv roast duck rice everyotherday for lunch or dinner although they r just so so. but roast duck is roast duck yeah?
no roast duck is emperor dish !
aye aye Emperor !