prawn head curry

Fish head curry is a famous Indian specialty, with quite a few connoisseurs despite its ugly creepy staring looks. Even the astronomical pricing for the bones and slippery tissues dun scare people at all , strangely.

So is it the taste or the slimy texture in da orangee brew that proves irresistible ?

Maybe you should turn it around for a change.
Like go to Pusing in Perak ( outside Ipoh ) for example.
This one is crispy ( not creepy) with no bones only shells and hairy legs ,
...and perfect succulent gorgeous meat with the curving bounce

Just beside the Pusing ("turn") Hotel

The lady's quite busy , attending to the Sunday morning crowd.

My , what big heads they are . Scary or not ?
warning: do not discard for they are most delicious when slurped hard

but what tender meat lies inside

Pusing curry prawn(4) mee

definitely a welcome turn from the usual


Selba said…
Yummy prawn... one bowl for me, please :)
Bangsar-bAbE said…
That's a fiery looking bowl of curry! Yumz...
Tummythoz said…
U just spoiled my dinner plans. Was dreaming of pizza until now. Droolz.
teckiee said…
Hmm where is Pusing again? That bowl looks damn good.. plus rm4.. quite cheap hor
minchow said…
Oh Pusing me anytime! Them sweet prawns are exactly what I need now that the working day's officially ended!
Kana said…
Man, I miss having kari kepala ikan at mamak stalls.... The kepala udang looks pretty good too.
J2Kfm said…
oh this morning ONLY?

i'll be on the highway tomorrow!!! =P

probably dropping by for a bite. deliciously huge prawns, slurp!
Unknown said…
wow..prawn curry sounds delicious.. today only i place a order for prawns and other ingredients from and prepare a yummy recipe.
k.t.x said…
i have never doubted perak fare. they r simply outta this world, just that that part of the world is a little out of the way. really plan to do a road trip along the coast and perhaps down dozens of they sell??
yes miss, today got free prawns

actually it is mild and oily !

prawns you like so much ahh ?

yes lo all cheap and good. pusing is just outside Ipoh on way to Sitiawan

Ok dear we wait for you same place under the tree , dun be late

you surely know all about those superfood under the trees !

be careful the prawn head got sharp spears one

hi and TQ for visiting bsg , the prawn head and fish tail people...

tsingtao must import but wethink tiger is also pretty fine but a bit wild
tigerfish said…
prawn head and fish head are all goodness in heads....
we love heads just like you !