petaling street Kuala Lumpur

A walk down memory lane

the unforgettable bygone era... hanging on

just one cold black egg and Xtra steaming hot boiled rice RM5 , Hon Kee

the softest stickiest flattest sweet whitest noodles this side of the Old World RM3
beside Hon Kee .

Got see any other noodles simpler than this onot ?

cockling mee behind the long deep Butchers' Corner RM4

all must try or you have not been to KL ( people say one )


Selba said…
I was at Petaling street when I visited KL... A KL blogger brought me there, but we were lost first because he also got no clue how to get there, hehehe... A fun experience though :)

Too bad, didn't get the chance to try the food there.
UnkaLeong said…
Curry Noodles still there. Must go back some time soon :)
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Looks like I haven't been to KL. I've tried the CCF, but not the other two...*shy*
choi yen said…
now all is foreign workers~~
HairyBerry said…
ahhh, back in the days when dinners were defined by koon kee (and sar hor fun opposite popular), mornings were all about them butcher's corner. all the makro claypots of curry/asam laksa/chicken stocks and the competition. ahhh, good old days of uniform. ;D
minchow said…
I've tried CCF and I was rather underwhelmed by it. I am pretty sure the century egg simmering in porridge would have been up my Petaling alley!
bsg promises you will never get lost in the deepest corners of KL , now and forever !

did you know there are more than 2 stalls selling this thing , side by side !

there are in fact many more...

supposed its the trend as we get richer ( but poorer actually )
Malaysia is heading south...

so you must be the last of the last petaling street gourmets for sure !
congratulations to real food , real gluttons !

you are strongly encouraged to go after the hot porridge , raw fish edition. But plse come before 8.30am
when its cool
k.t.x said…
despite your finesse in gastronomy, i hv never doubted yr deep deep ventures into deep deep alleys for the sake of art and science of food....u r one helluva tender kapitan.
Selba said…
Hehehe... Okiedokie, so I will count on BSG to bring me around KL next time when I visit KL, ya? :D