noodles dry & fast

Our most favorite eating joint is the old fashioned Chinese coffee shops with different stalls , the more broken the merrier. Where you cannot find tissue papers/or whatever to wipe your moist lips or constantly sauced hands (so that can answer the GFs' phones in clean comfort).

And where the only toilet at the far end near the slippery kitchen seems to be always longly occupied.

Why , the food is cheap & good and the service (too), fast. Even the famed fast food down the road is Mc-slower & Kentucknotaste we can bet one fish fillet with you.

The thing is as part of their sometimes rejuvenating process they often hang banners with the squarish red characters giving big HP Nos and their ancient signature dishes , which is guaranteed to draw back the lost nostalgic crowds.

Even the blond red head of the Chinaman looks strikingly familiar, he the one dishing out the dishes. Like some kind of recording artise.

The thing with some meat in blue plastic plate looks delicious though the long strands is a bit on the unruffled hard side where it should have been loose but firm , & which is what earned it the simplest noodle ( plse click on noodle to feel the weight) dish of all time .

Chinese One Ton mee RM4.30 .
Rated average but feels good , it actually ain't heavy at all
since we are all in lucky country

Lucky Gardens
Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Kuala Lumpur


Ciki said…
eat one ton mee.. until you weight ONE TON!

that guy with the bleach hair looks like an artiste meh? which one?! haha
J2Kfm said…
near to the Sarawak Laksa ah?
lucky gardens.
heaviest mee dished up by a blonde superstar .... not bad.
UnkaLeong said…
Is Soo Kee opening up a branch there?
minchow said…
Waitaminute! What's that Signature Original Hakka Recipe peeking from underneath the minimalist-design banner? Got airbrushed photo of food in this side of Bangsar, must be some serious LIU!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I never tried the wan tan mee...cos I can't get past the pork noodles. >P
worldwindows said…
Fast, cheap and tasty the utopian customers' dream.
Rebecca Saw said…
hhmm..the pic of the stall w that guy.. this muz be the coffeeshp w identical lookin stalls in a row right? got upstairs? (or mayb no..cant rmbr exactly) I rmbr chic rice stall, etc..
Unknown said…
Ya, blue plastic plates makes meat look deliciously good.

But some places use pink plastic plates, should we ask them to change to blue plates too?
cumi ciki
Daniel lee of M'sian Idol fame look-alike

correct !

from the banner yes !

It does seem confusing to the non Mandarin and non chinese food conoisseurs for they all look & taste da same !

you din really miss anything dun worry...

Infact these kind of places are our(and many others)reliable DreamBecomeTrue.Usually manned by the morning till dusk original proprietors/family members though lately they have been restoked by the efficient but bland touches of the back to basics Burmese , the harbinger of early death of the once nostalgic pre2000 local Chinese sure as our name is BSG

this shop is the other end of the row where the famous Sarawak laksa Nam Chun is, tks for dropping by

cannot... becoz the pink ones have a love feminine feel
Anonymous said…
Wah, being served noodles by a recording artiste ar? So glamour one... ;)
choi yen said…
The Soo Kee also open a branch there?
yes sommore so handsome sure food must taste extra good !

yes they say they are coming