no 1 Hokkian Mee Shop in Petaling Jaya(1stApril)

This impossible dark oily noodle dish
with that smell & the improbable fame
is also called black mee or tai lok meen
or fukien chow or pork fat noodles
and scares the s*#t out of many sober people but then extremly flavorful & addictive ( pls wipe your lips !)
& perfect with the brew

here in this busy place is how it will look coming straight out of the black wok

right color , right size
wt heck ! looks perfect !
oozing with s t e a m
RM6 for small or 1 person (goodness!)

The corner lot situated beside
the Shell Petrol Station
Jalan 222
Petaling Jaya

but of course !
we can't be serious !
today is April Fool's Day !

because after today we will rank this expired People's Champion
ahwa Jln 222 , PJ Big Black Mee
a distant no. 26 out of 50 shops in PJ
& no. 101 out of 200 shops in KL


HairyBerry said…
ohhhh, i have heard good things about this place as well as the one behind the tawakal hospital at jalan pahang. the best hokkien mee to me, has extinct since the day they demolish the old pekeliling flats and other old skool areas in the 80s. will we be able to find a good, really hokkien mee anymore? i am still hopeful. ;D
J2Kfm said…
i am not in favour of tai lok meen, nor the dark dark sauce.
but the killer lards got my vote.

had the Jln Imbi one sometime ago.
Ciki said…
happy april fool's!

erm.. i love the extra chee yar char you can ask for.. makan macam keropok! haha

Hokkien mee is great here la but the only thing that will make me think twice is that the portion that use to be RM5, is getting smaller, smaller.... smmmmmmmallest!

bad yar:(
April Fool's again? Aiks. Kena PunK'ed lagi... :P
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Yeah, portions are getting smaller, even the RM6 plate is not enough! @_@

And I love it when they give extra chee yau char on top! you got me craving fukein chow!!
Selba said…
yummy.... it must be so nice to eat it....
Precious Pea said…
Long long time no eat good good good Hokkien Mee oledi.....are they facing extinction???
choi yen said…
I love Hokkien Mee, with more more chu yau zhar pls... :)
There are some good ones in petaling street tho and the most unlikely ones in some corners could be great !

wcm is the queen for this type of food ! she has every corner covered !

cumi ciki
even the OK fella in TTDI( Rahim Kajai ) is also good !
tho nobody seems to talk about it ! You dare to take the noisy crackers ah ? Prices are unfairly going up and up. soon we have to cook ourselves. Like this ahwa one got only 2 tiny prawns and no meat !

sorry lah we also kena konned by the RM6

Bangsar got this thing ah ? hehe

they are in my ( toni) opinion better than CKT

then must get wcm to restart the quality search again, ever since she covered the seapark PJ one with the 2 storey fire

wow ! many ppl just love the dried fats ! unhalal is best !