nasi kandar easy

Its near the mangrove swamps & inside Venice (of Perak ! where else )

Everytime near the hills we feel at peace and so at home . The crisp mountain air , the cool sea breeze . It just feels right here among trees and monkeys .

But this is troubled Perak and yes ! even the famed Mangrove Park ( Taman Paya Bakau , Lumut ) has to lose its green lustre prematurely , busted by re-construction debris & new ugly barriers where it should have been a beautiful walkway into shade & serenity.

On the other side of the road tho , near the copycat European watercity the commercial area appears unusually peaceful .
The modern & beautiful Park , last time

The great "authentic looking" basketful ( kandar ) of lunch , today in this
casual place without the jostling crowds

Small restaurant with just under 10 nasi kandar (NK) dishes
3 pieces of delicate curry kurma lamb "shank" ( RM4 each ) &
signature "nasi kandar" sliced fish (2) in orange curry &
yellow oil-less cabbages & the nasi for 3 + 3 normal drinks
with our fave pineapple cucumber carrot pickled fruit
total : RM25

"Progressive Star" , Venice of Perak
Lumut (opposite the Park)

Good Penang Nasi Kandar no need to line up one
no newspaper cuttings of gourmet reviews hanging on all the pillars , yet

only in a small town in starless Perak ... like this...for its nearly perfect !


Selba said…
OH.. the monkey is so cuteeeeeee!!!

curry kurma lamb? sounds a yummy dish :)
J2Kfm said…
there used to be this good nasi kandar shop on the main road in Lumut, serving yummy ayam masak merah.

but after so many yrs (i was only in sec school that time), i kinda forget which one, or does it even exisst anymore?
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Hmmm...I never thought this was good so I didn't bother trying. Now I know! =D
foodbin said…
Perak is a good place to explore for food-the nasi kandar looks good.
HairyBerry said…
let not the red nipple itch us out of our appreciation for the natural wonder and the progressive star which are what keep us hopeful and fun. we hope the itch finds a medicine.
Penang Tua Pui said…
it had been sometime since our last visit to our mother nature... i think it is time for us to take a walk.....
fatboybakes said…
such tranquility that doesnt belie the political turmoil that is perak now hor...
we got lots of cute monkeys in Perak !
the lamb is very tender but the big bone very big and hard

there are still at least 5 mamak restaurants along the main Lumut street with the Nasi Kandar Lumut ( behind KFC)having the bestest location and crowd

Visitors will never know this place so you will need us to take you by the hands , coz we have to protect you from the many wild monkeys here

Which is happily also found in the other states except crazy Perak has suddenly become world famous:D

may the red tit find true love, at last , in the jaded silvery armour among mangrove paradise

thats where lovely Penang shines among all others , with sea , hills & land with much food...

well spoken , in this tragic trying times which even now is paralysed with news of 8 Bloggers being sued for insulting the Perak royalty !

long live cyberspace ( and good food )
Yinsi Yat said…
Bravo bro! long time no see. Are you getting fatter with all the good foods? hehehe
Ciki said…
curry kurma lamb "shank" ... don't forget to suck the tulang! :P
rokh said…
monkeys a plenty in perak, especially Taiping (my hometown) lake garden and food is always good :)
Rebecca Saw said…
i sooo agree Perak stil has darn good grub, minus the myanmars serving them (unlike KL!)and not as hidung tinggi as some Pg hawkers!
ya ! the tummy is now approaching 4o inches at its smallest !

we licked the outside only inside very hard to see but good aromatic deep taste

Taiping is wonderful with ultra big rain trees and the animal farm and yes food , but we are lost about the last one , need help badly

We din know Penang also got such difficult people , thoz the Hokkians more down to earth ! yes kampung is best