the great Flood

Former tin mining jewel Tronoh ( Teronoh ) , sliced in the middle by a new Highway was destined for oblivion until it was saved from certain death by UT Petronas & UT Mara , 2 distinguished institutions of Higher Education...
... as they dropped from the heavens into the mega pot-holed mining wasteland ( sometime in the 1990s) ...

...bringing along hordes of government sponsored innocent greenhorns ( future Hope of the Nation ) & the usual cohorts ...twitching the pki ( per kapita income ) of dying Perak ( & Ipoh ) by a few notches upwards . Or something like that.

And some other monuments , like this was also erected

we know ...its leaking all over

But thank god , we still have one or 2 nostalgic directions to our love

A giant compound of a kampung mansion
The little bit hot "banjir" version ...extra bright ...stunning sweet taste !

and topped to cholesterolled passion with the freshest succulent prawns
( caught from the usually occuring flash floods ah ? )

( de banjir version means got 5 prawns@RM1 each)
basic means ( no prawns ) RM1.50

if you like the Penang Sg Dua version , you will love this
just as good but only half the price !

sexy is keeping an eye on us again...
V love da kampung pussy
dun U ?

mee udang banjir ("flood")
off Lumut-Ipoh Highway


sc said…
have not even tried the (in)famous Sg Dua mee udang. but this one looks scrumptious nonetheless..i see you really love kampung pussy eh? hehehe
Ciki said…
so this mee udang banjir is the halal sort right? with no chee yar char? how's the taste.. still ok or not?
minchow said…
5 prawns mean its hit my cholesterol quota five times over. But wait! I have just heard this gem of a health tip - eat the prawns WITH the shells and it cancels out all cholesterol jitters! Hurray!
worldwindows said…
With UTAR in Kampar it will augurs well for the economy so that less people has to 'jumped out of the plane' and wash 'big plates'.
Tummythoz said…
Tronoh. Don't think I've been there before. But that plate sure looks delicious.
Ya , its pure and unspoilt

its sweet and little spicy with heavy color. A little like mee rebus same color. Only good thing is the fresh prawns

but small town people can eat Big Fat good prawns and then lepak with tv 6.5

incredibly it tastes the same like that hot-shot Northern ( Penang) Malay favourite Sg Dua ( Penang ) and Sg Dua ( Sg Dua, Butterworth )