lengthy Q 2 eat

You will sometimes see an intriguing long Q at certain places from 1-2 pm , not for the year end closing sales bonanza , or the great rush for the Hari Raya Open House Makan

...but rather a kind of cannot-stand quick fix or the strange syndrome called Burnt Fish Craving ( BFC ) or the other disorder called Great Craving for Rice ( GC4R )

The scene below in the Kelang Valley is typically repeated across lunch breaks in some popular Mamak Nasi Kandar and Malay Nasi Campur eateries , especially in commercial areas with many office blocks.

From the straight line Q and the unmistakeable attire , it is quite obvious eating in Malaysia is quite a racial thing. To be precise , you can very clearly define the profile of the hungry patrons.

And yes , this man with the hot plate is the all-important production center of the eating house.
Marine speciments like the ikan keli ( catfish) and the ikan pari ( sting ray) are all time targets of first choice

Heavily sauced in itself ( ikan keli , bsg rated 4.1 of 5 )
with 2 more spicy flavorers ( sambal and assam , both bsg rated 4 /5 )
to fire you up and reward you for patiently waiting

ikan selar ( rated 4.2 of 5 ) and plain white rice ( rated 3 of 5 ) on
banana leaf ( rated 5 of 5 )

Meat soups usually accompany ikan bakar ( grilled fish ) restaurants
...like this spicy fragrant sourish sup tulang RM6
boiled to Malay culinary perfection

Be early or wait long
if you do not mind the very humid place

standard rice & fish plate starts from RM5.50

Glomac Commercial Centre
neighboring Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya ( either one of 2 )
Petaling Jaya


minchow said…
My BFC and GC4R are both at dangerous levels now, thanks to that sexy pix of the 4.1/5 rated ikan keli. Dare I test my 3-minute queue threshold or should I fight these monstrous cravings?
omg..ikan keli..miss them damn ALOT!
Selba said…
I bet that the sauce of the fish is the one that make the fish tasted delicious.
Tummythoz said…
U queue, I 'jom' table, ok?
choi yen said…
Those fishes with spicy gravy so went well with white rice hor....
for you we will tapau for you denying you the absolute joy of waiting but nearly completely fulfilling your utmost white meat desire :)

along the NS Highway one fella said the best fish he has ever tasted in his short life was the foot long RM3 deep fried super cruncy crispy tasty ikan keli

yes the trademark of malay cooking is the sambals and chilis

of course darlin'dearest

thats why so many ppl also q for the nasi kandar curries ! so long q wan cannot believe also
Ciki said…
yar.. drink up the spicy fish sauce with the rice ! yummie!
teckiee said…
the owner very pa pai one la
Big Boys Oven said…
notice them, just nearby where I hunt for food! lol!
ling239 said…
neighbouring means ? left? right ? back ? how many corners pls ? i am lost at Kelana Jaya >.<"
we knew you love them HOT !( & messy ?)

next time we bring you there. His office very near one

this place packed until...omg !

Go to the original Kelana Giant Hypermarket ( smaller giant one ) then go towards where the CIMB Bank is . This shop is at the back row of this commercial area.
if still lost call BSG !