lucky red nipple

The failed State of Perak ({ "silver"} , with the total collapse of the tin industry in the 1980s ), Malaysia ( where 5 bsg members were born) is now in even worse dire straits , with a hung government ( meaning like being hanged...or hanging).

It appears like it will climaX plode soon , with red all over we are afraid.

the otherwise peaceful touristy beachy place , with the fair ladies
in happier times
a few days ago...da circus came to town (pix courtesy of the Star)

for a no holds barred reporting on The Charade go HERE

Big Trouble under the rain who's wrong & who's right ?

help needed...
go that way or maybe this way

for a most charming
red tit nasi ( kuning ) ayam relief
(only at a small town in Perak )

a team bsg ( Perak ) presentation
hopefully this one is right

right ?


Ciki said…
a few days ago the circus came to town... hahaha.. good one :P
Anonymous said…
I was wondering what the red tit was till the photo fully loaded... LOL

As for the circus... you know they always come back to town, rite? They never go away for long one... :P
k.t.x said…
are they not aware the existence of cheery tomatoes to give a better impact to the adaptation of tits? i miss these local grubs
HairyBerry said…
the little red dot down south here means a time of crunch and in need of boost to put food on the table. but upwards, the once peaceful pimple has now red dotted for some reasons of squeezing that was the itchy hand that just couldnt stand the sight. why not let it heal and eat less oily stuff. ahhhh, i need my hill beauties and sprouts now...
TQ but isn't it tragic , whats with them idiots ?

its time you and us stand up to be a force to be rekoned with right ?

here we not only have red tits we have many pink ones too and some black