Jungle Bak But Teh

The fame of this not halal brew spreads far and wide ,
oozing out from epicenter Klang ,
that Hokkian Community & Gourmet Haven near the Port.

Reaching out to the ends of the world , like here

to the sea...beside da Jungle

We have been told this WhereBoro Country / fishing village
has some undiscovered unique & fresh seafood
situated smack along the bountiful Perak West Coast
...quite near to Bagan Dato & not far from Teluk Intan
nearly reaching Lumut (what a mouthful omg !).

Coming from Sabak Bernam , towards Teluk Intan
you will reach the Bagan Dato-Teluk Intan-Hutan Melintang junction where

we turned left ( towards Hutan {jungle} Melintang )
...for 200 metres ...to see Kok Kong Wan
with her 2 pretty daughters attending to customers

amazingly there are at least 4 more BKT shops here & there

Ms Delirious Happy breaking out into a boisterous eXstaC
for she's back in solid meat zone
for her all-time favourite S-sense !

here lies the enduring Chinese tea classic
& the ever loyal millennia soya sauce
on stby mode

But why claypots we always ask , they burn ( like Hell !)

Of course this cannot compare with the mighty Kingpins of
Taman Rashna , Berkeley Garden
or even Taman Sentosa (the Top 3 Klang)

but WTH !
this is da seaJungle with incomparable
pure raw fun you know !

sommore only RM7 a head with kampung rice &
genuine Chinese jungle tea ( WTF ! )
yeah...where to find


worldwindows said…
A poignant and innocent moment captured on pixels. Only in Hutan. Heard about it but not wild enough to go!. The trotters looks good.
J2Kfm said…
ha?!! i'm dizzy from the vague description ...

hutan melintang? =P wild guess.

initially thought nothing to eat one, but someone mentioned bout a nice seafood place. someday.... someday ...
Selba said…
Uhmmm... so bak kut teh is a hokkian dish?
minchow said…
RM7 per head for a shot of jungle fever, which will course through our blood and remind our dormant ancestral legacy of rural pig-hunting folkdom! Onwards with the humble spear!
so cheap? looks like only jungle places like this can get so cheap hor..
we cover this route often but first time droppin in

its obscure & small but you gotta ask the locals , as usual for the nooks and corners of the freshest

definitely hokkian

we will need an able lady companion with the sparks of wildfire unlimited !

now that you know , next time &%3@*W those City buggers for overpricing what high rent ?