from the backstreet to da mall

We believe the local food scene is generally conservative & un-exciting...thoroughly lacking in creative trail blazing ooomph .

Probably reacting to praises from foreign journalists on Malaysian gastronomical delights , and patchy requests from young & innocent yuppy readers , most mainstream newspapers devote 1 or 2 sections / columns to local culinary offerings on a regular basis , laced with impotent polls on which is the best of the best of the best ...tho the pattern is distressingly familiar & cannot-tahan staley repetitive ... you have already read it somewhere before right ? ahem , right

Darn , even the scrumptious pixs look strikingly familiar ( from which Blog ah ? )

like O...4 eg ( blah bla bla )

"famous Penang oldie (who?) at the backlane behind the wall now rediscovered ( by Hochiak !) with first-hand interviews / original Canon images of the Grand co-founder ( omg ! still alive ! ) and the to-die-for dishes including the black & white kitchen and the wok ! "

"...the best unknown ( now known ) kick-ass xyz pqr abc in Kuala Lumpur now revealed !

"Mr Reading JB opens to rave reviews yesterday ! According to size 13 junior Read , 6 more will be opened , soon "

"See gorgeous lipsblower Amber Chee enjoying her comfort (?) Hong Kong noodles with the Wan !

...while sexy delectable Xandria Lok licks the solid chopsticks down to top sideways , again... to unbridled applause ! "

" Tongkat Fatima Kafe opens its no 8th sliding doors at Sunway 1... "

"i-Panda rissolo (?) the popular pizza chain from Memphis strikes beside da waterfront zoo by the banks of the reclaimed waterpark, recycled from a previous swamp !

"Dazzling Datuk D filling up the a tad too sweet capricino to his loving wife , the last time beautiful Datin S & 3 1/2 handsome fat kids in tow "

In truth nothing much of note happens in the current bland & non-2-inspiring Malaysian gastronomic circuit , as in discovering Old Town White Coffee has opened 1 more new outlet beside your house in new town, and...

... one or two more pronouncements of yet "another" well known hot-shot re-opening every Quarter or so , usually an import from an overseas food chain ( like that one from Indonesia or that Austrian who originally made in big in Alaska and...

... did ya know bout that coming next week , da authentic eastern Thai sensation {actually genuine Nyonya} one ? )

... landing onto swanky Sunway Pyramid 2 2/4 , P & R-ed by a local advertising outfit { truly an embarrassing try-harder pom pom wannaB I tell ya !} complete with grand opening invites to media / celebrities / not forgeting Ms Azalina {our very own still single Mistress of Tourism-my father is coming too} + some eating-edge Food Bloggers , RSVP ( thank god ! ) ...

...or in this case another of those kampung backStreetBoys coming to the state-of-the-art Mall .

Or issit a Hypermart ? haha

ok enough. Time for some real food

nasi lemak bungkus ( in banana leaf)

nasi lemak bungkus ( in old newspaper )

nasi lemak sotong ( in patterned glass plate )

a bsg favorite
nasi lemak ayam ( real chicken leg & egg with real meat )
in signature nuts and miniature fish with heads

This one with the best of the best of the "best nasi lemak" we heard hails from a Tanjung Malim ( Perak lah not Selangor ) roadside warung ( stall) and has now found its secure corner (calling) in newly opened Tesco ( part owned by Perak Royalty ) Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Quite authentic & good ( with brownish fragrant rice ) and worthy of a try if you a passing by and feel like eating rice or something.

Also not cafely-expensive and happily kampung-friendly !

(so this is another safe bsg recommendation , otherwise do get your money back {from the shop}, not bsg hehe)

NB: only the last 6 photos are knowingly original and authentic ( do click for maximum impact ! )


Does the shop really have a money back guarantee? It's not very Malaysian if it does lah. LOL

P.S. Very funny post, this. ;)
worldwindows said…
What's happening to our food scene? Will get worse with the economy or better as necessity is the mother of new creations!
Selba said…
I think from all the nasi lemak... I will choose the nasi lemak ayam coz it looks the yummiest... :)
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Yeah...I agree with Selba! =P
HairyBerry said…
sooo agree with da team. one more ooohh and ahhha and to-die-for and tasty from the usual things we see and read, we will soon have a set of replaceable, generic tastebuds, available at the nearest joint near us. bring on the new and the sexciting!

and nasi lemak pics, fellow nikonian, yummy.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Seriously, the newspaper space should be devoted to our legendary street food (hawker food) because they are unmatched by any other countries. For mall food or restaurant food, just save it, really. I just don't think restaurant foods are great in Malaysia, as a matter of fact, so-called best Japanese, Italian, French, Vietnamese, etc. serve really sad food and the taste is way below standards. Give me nasi lemak anytime and I will be a happy camper.
minchow said…
If I relied on our mainstream publications for tip-offs and food findings, I may as well eat McDs everyday and be done with it. What has happened to us difficult and trained Malaysian tastebuds, dumbed down to accept bland and blander, pimped by "celebrities" high and low alike.
The Boss say can give money back ( only to bsg , becoz all others dare not complain)

we have noticed most of the new Malaysian setups are copycats ( with spanking new decor but terrible basic customer service)while imports are 90% Amerikan Kalture Marketing( super glossy brochures) & slick PR ( high flying celebrity posters ),judging from the hypnotised OOOohs and AAAahs of local youngsters towards junks like J CO Donuts , whats-that-forest-paythrunose-shrimps ah , that Jackie Chan WTF coffee bar ( Bintang Walk) ....& those best/cheapest in the world Jap buffets spouting all over upstairs one

indeed nasi lemak ayam is a no 1 nasi lemak choice in Malaysia

ok now we know !

but we can safely say Sporean F&B are at least slightly more innovative , though of course they are heavily Amercanised as well!

for you to say it carries plenty of weight being based cross continents ! We once paid RM300 + for a table for 2 for a 4 course Mediterranean set in a Hotel which I thought was worth only RM40 or maybe RM50!

That in spite of miniscule quantity and almost tasteless food

We shall rely on a true Penangite like you, of course for the best of the best of the best...
we got your name and Selba's mixed up there ! must be the tgi Fridays distraction
Anonymous said…
Power in simple nasi lemak needs no power recommendation by DePapers!
jencooks said…
sorry too eager and hit anone by mistake! Jencooks lah

Power in simple nasi lemak needs no power recommendation by DePapers!
Ciki said…
wa.. bsg.. not scared kena stoned ar? haha.. but clap-clap! we have to agree wiv u, well said! too much publicity, too little substance.. what to do..? too much exposure to Hollywood huh:P

back to the REAL food - love that fried chicken and the sambal is to die for!

alamak ! another confirmed NL fan !

for that we thank you becoz we know you really like street food ! tho we know you have lots of real super fine dining outside Malaysia too so you can compare