Rice Field

This upmarket air-cond Indonesian Restaurant ( dressed in a woody decor with dark square tables ), is pretty cool & comfortable inside but damn crowded , & alfresco casual...warm & humid outside .

You will be served by some cheerful waiters in formal 5 star white uniforms with shining big black round buttons aka de Ratatouille

It faces the busy road ( opposite Mayban ) within the new Kelana Jaya Business Centre , near the Giant Kelana Hypermarket .

...thus beginning our virgin experience with the famed Nasi Padang

The "field rice" is named after the Indonesian town in West Sumatra called Padang , where it originated from (or was it dedicated to a field ) somewhere in Java ?... Plse help Selba TQ

We always think Indonesian Cuisine is Malay Cuisine with a different name but was greeted with a stunning first intro , from the other table's split sideways menacing fried fish...( alieN vs preDator Part 3 ?)

and the following misunderstood dishes :

You must come before 12 pm
to get a decent parking lot and avoid the big crowd

First a bowl of boiled jackfruit fibres (?) with cabbages in mildly sweet curry

...then 2inch long baby eels (ikan bilis / earthworm look-alikes)
black fried till crispy like autumn twigs

...followed by some oversoft petai bits ( din know it was there ! ) hidden in a battered chili paste.

American looking beef strips dried to become a kind of salty biscuit, with pieces of decorative ( also can eat) old red chili toppings.

Sadly , the highly ranked assam pedas fish failed the (bsg) Chef's over-refined tastebuds...

While the slippery tendons ( ligaments ?) in mild Malay styled curry got a refreshing A+ ranking ! Well done !

Finally... what is Malay Cuisine without the fried kampung chicken ?

Invigorated with the striking Indon/Malay sensations , we vowed to be back Round 2 for the fierce fried fish ...which we missed this time

...and for the first time in history will attempt to slip in some finest golden Brew to lubricate & tenderise the stiff dry eels , over-salted beef strips and of course that teeth pulling chicken

RM45 ( not bad for all of the above challenging items for 2 )


k.t.x said…
still prefer real kampung style malay cuisine which is found everywhere during lunch time by the roads aka "chap farn".

indon fare...is always..errr, ok...LAH. but m sure u wont get stomach upset frm this KJ outlet of yours...hehe.
worldwindows said…
The menacing fish may be gourami with thick, dense and sweet meat. Ya only bosses can arrived before 12!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Teeth pulling chicken? Haha...that tough to eah ah? =P
sc said…
oh, i saw another tempat that serves nasi padang..not as nice (and clean) looking as this la..we shall exchange experiences soon i guess?
tigerfish said…
the baby eels look like snake! :O
Anonymous said…
That a good deal you had for RM45, the chicken like ayam penyet that is pounded flat; I did buy the pounder back from Bali last year haha.
Anonymous said…
My time spent in Jakarta and Bandung has not made me long for their cuisine, unfortunately... I do prefer our local nasi lemak and ayam goreng, though we can hardly compare the two very different (at times) styles of cooking.

I will have to say the Indonesians have far more delectable drinks such as the chocolate avocado (Jakarta) and the fresh strawberry milkshakes (Bandung). :)
dishes wise they do look a bit different but still cannot get away from the unavoidable yellow/orange gravies. We agree the best Malay food ( taste & price ) comes from that obscure corner behind the tree in da kampungs !

tks for the info , so we now know how to call it !

which is why many people dun like kampung chicken ( those with untrue teeth) LOL !

better still we shall sit on da same table sharing that fish, OK?

Indeed , the taste is not better than the normal ikan bilis ( in nasi lemak shop or even the pan mee shop)

so can we humbly request you to pound one bird for us when we meet , soon ?

Great that you have walked on the streets of Jakarta and Bandung, 2 fine unpretentious happening ( tho rough we heard ) places ! Yeah food wise we are amazed that J Co Donuts and some others like indocafe of Indon origin ( as are the wave of delectable Indon women now becoming many a Chinaman's daughter in law in small smaller towns) are overwhelming our shores !